Art-A-Thon at iATCs

This weekend, it’s art-a-thon time over at so I’m going to spend the weekend making art cards. The theme for this art-a-thon is “favourites” which can mean pretty much anything! I have a lot of faves to cover and create. If you’re a member of iATCs, come join in! Let’s trade. And if you’re not a member of iATCs and want to trade art cards with me, send me a note. I’m always happy to trade art!

Above is my fave philospher in a pussy hat (John Stuart Mill), my fave girl with long blue hair and my favourite monster at the tea party. These are all watercolor and ink.


  1. sirkkis

    Hi, they are fab! Filosofer is my favourite. I’ve started my blogging with ATCs but digital art hooked me. Last week I traded with fab artist June Walker. Ask from her if she is interested!
    Have wonderful weekend 😃

  2. Giggles

    Your little monster is AMAZING….as is your philosopher, and girl in the long blue hair!! As always your work makes me soooo happy!!

    Hugs Giggles

  3. denthe

    I would love to trade with you Sal. I can’t even say which one is my favorite. I’m swinging back and forth between the pussy hat and the blue-haired girl. And your monster is too cute to be a monster …. 😉

  4. Sue

    Hi Sal, your faces are gorgeous – that cute little monster is so lovable… and I like the peace signs in his background :D)

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