Art Slumps & Politics

I painted this face a couple of weeks ago, as part of a challenge but I sort of left it as a WIP. I don’t know where to take it and it just doesn’t look finished to me. I was thinking a quote might help but I don’t know. I’ll toss it on the canvas pile and maybe go back to it in a few months and see what happens. It’s part of my standstill with art lately. It’s not that I haven’t been painting or working, but I’m often feeling completely uninspired and unmotivated to create. I honestly think the daily news is bringing me down. For real. I’m in Canada and have always voted NDP or Green (they are both left of center) and while I didn’t vote for Justin Trudeau, I think he’s ok. But it’s not so much our news that brings me down, it’s Donald Trump and everything he stands for. It’s a constant barrage of “OMG” with every headline I see; shock and awe on a daily basis. Personally, I think he and his group are making a gross mockery of the Republican Party and America.  US politics seems to be bordering on scary farce with a heap of insanity this year and all of this is messing with my art mojo, LOL. I hate tuning out on the news as I think it’s important to know what’s happening but I sure wish I could live in a media vacuum for  a few weeks.

I’m sorry for mentioning politics. I don’t usually do that on my art blog. But sometimes everyone needs a bit of a rant and release. 🙁

On a more fun note, I believe we’re playing a party game of facists and liberals this weekend called Secret Hitler (can’t say I like the game name…). I don’t know much about it but it’s my understanding that it’s something like Werewolf. I know one of the designers is the guy who created Cards Against Humanity so I’m expecting it be weirdly fun. If you’re interested, there’s an article here and a good video narrated by Wil Wheaton explaining how the game works.

I’m adding this art journal spread from last year to make up for being such a downer in my post, lol. Happy weekend all! 🙂








  1. Linda K

    Love both pieces of art! I think all you need is a quote on the first one-but then I am a quote lover:) Sometimes I will put a photo of my art in photoshop and add a quote or words digitally to see how it would look. Happy PPF!

  2. AyalaArt

    Your art is always aye catching beautiful. The page spread is awesome!
    About the US politix, what can I say, both candidates were fails to me. One pompous and the other one a criminal. Sad situation, and really depressing, I avoid the subject too.

  3. Giggles

    Oh so glad to be a Canadian at this juncture! I understand full well how you feel completely!! Love your work in progress even though there is something very sad about her!! I love the happy piece you showed … it has inspired me in the past and it’s still a favourite!! Cheer up my fellow Canuck!! Sending love and light. I feel your pain!

    Hugs Giggles

  4. Nicole/Beadwright

    I DO NOT listen to the news. I go through my news feed and pick and choose what I want for the day. I also fact check everything I read about dt. My country is in such a bad place that I can’t allow it to effect my daily routine. I focus on as many positive things as possible and art is the main one. I do like this piece from last year. More smiles and happy thoughts.

  5. denthe

    She’s gorgeous. I don’t see anything unfinished about her. She looks like she’s fed up with the whole situation, just like you. I love how our art expresses so much of our inner feelings. Like you, I have to be careful not to let my art mojo be bothered by all that’s going on in the world. It’s very hard at the moment, it’s as if I’m waiting for something really bad to happen. I try to deal with it by using quotes in my art about human decency, compassion, resistance, … It helps … 🙂

  6. Sue

    Hello Sal, your face is beautiful and the colours are lovely together. The smiling ones are gorgeous too… can’t help but break out in a smile when looking at them! Cheers and Happy PPF :D)

  7. NatashaMay

    The journal spread does lift the spirits. 🙂 One cannot avoid Donald these days. He’s making a huge impact on the US as well as the world. Unfortunately not in a good way.

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