Opened a new Etsy Store!

vintage robots in acrylic

I opened a new Etsy Store! I’m excited! I used to have an art store on Etsy but I stopped selling any art there ages ago. My shop felt old and sad and I disliked the name (I had already changed it once) so I closed it down a while back. My other Etsy shop (I sell graphics and illustrations to creatives) has always been my main focus but I had the hankering to sell some other types of art, and sell it under my own name instead of some weird made up art name. I  wanted somewhere fresh and new where I could sell some prints (like the robots above), ACEOs and some of the original art I have laying around here. Because what am I going to do with it? I’m always painting things but who wants to hang their own art everywhere? I have a few pieces hanging up but I like to hang art by other people and most of my wall space is devoted to my art faves. This is one of my art walls.


If you’re on Etsy and have a few minutes, please go by and say hello! My stats are truly dismal, lol. I think I had three whole visitors today. WIN! I know I shouldn’t complain since I only just opened today but I think it will take me a while to get this store going. I don’t have much there yet but I’m going to fill it up over the next week or two as I find all of my prints and paintings. There’s a lot laying around here in odd places.

I have made a few art bits recently. Here are some ATCs, one of these I traded to the lovely Denthe for some gorgeous and wonderful artwork from her (below). Lucky me!


Artist Trading Cards wonder Woman


Denthe’s beautiful art.

Happy weekend! Happy PPF 🙂





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  1. Emma Kaufmann

    Hello Sal! I love your Etsy shop it is so bright and inviting. I do have one but I have to promote it a lot to get sales. Good luck and happy PPF

  2. denthe

    I just favorited your shop! Love your art, as you know 🙂 Hope it takes off to a flying start! I had a shop on Etsy but it’s not active anymore. A few weeks ago I planned on opening it up again, but then I thought I just couldn’t be bothered. But I haven’t completely given up on it … I love that art wall of yours. What a great idea! I might “steal” it …. 😉

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