Soooooo exciting!!! New ACEOs for sale

This oddball little mixed media guy is one of the new ACEOs I made for my Etsy art shop. He’s very excited about something but I’m not sure what. Maybe his upcoming coronation for the Kingdom of Lowbrowville or maybe he’s a fantasy foodie freaking out about the latest animal parts burger (that would be my son). I only wish I could get this excited about something; so excited that my face is bursting and I can’t hold it in any longer. Kids do it all the time but we adults tend to be more calm about fun things don’t we? There are exceptions though, like my husband. He really has faces like this at Christmas and on his birthday. It’s ridiculously funny.

It’s Friday tomorrow which means it’s pub night! Woo! Sadly, I can’t have beer right now due to the carb content but I think I can content myself with a vodka and soda with a slice of lime. The things we have to do to be healthy.


Enjoy your weekend!



  1. Giggles

    Omg he is amazing and I love him to bits!! Wow…. that whimsical dude with the shiny lips and ecstatic grin makes me SOOOO HAPPY!! My daughter buys me fun whimsical silly things just to get a reaction like that from me!! And she does. She will leave it on my computer desk and wait near by to hear my squeals of joy…of course your musical mice are adorable to but NOTHING,…no nothing compares to him!!

    Hugs Giggles

  2. Emma Kaufmann

    I love your rat band! I admire your self control re the beer. I love carbs and don’t know how not to eat them.

    Your guy is so cheerful, I feel like that at christmas when I get a box of Quality Street.

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