New watercolor graphic sets coming!

Spring has finally arrived and I plan to spend my weekend in the garden, cleaning things out. Our trees don’t have full leaves yet but they’re getting there! I’m thinking another week or two and all will be in full bloom. My tulips are up though and that’s always nice for a pop of colour. I should probably take some photos so I can paint them later.

I’ve been working on some new watercolor graphic sets this week and have many that will be released next week, once all of the clean-up and editing has been done. Above is a new set of pretty, pink rose abstracts – perfect for weddings and showers. And below is a set of watercolor peonies on the go. It’s my favourite flower by far. I only wish that mine were already blossoming so I could share them here, and paint them too.


It’s Mother’s Day this weekend and my daughter is having a BBQ. Looking forward to it! Have a good weekend everyone 🙂




11 thoughts on “New watercolor graphic sets coming!

  1. wow- really beautiful illustrations! My neighbor has a peony bush but the buds haven’t begun to open here in NE PA yet either. Happy PPF and happy Mother’s Day too!

  2. Lovely watercolor flowers, Sal. The leaves are out here, but our strawberry crops may be ruined from all the rain. they should have been ready to pick by now.

  3. Your flowers are lovely!
    Sounds like your spring is in sync with the growth that I am seeing here in Montana.
    Wishing you a lovely barbecue!

    Also I love your profile image!

  4. Stunning and yes Peonies are also my very favourite flower too… you have captured them perfectly!!
    My mom had a bush in our front yard, each year at the end of June I took them to the teachers. I had the same kind of bush in my last house…and now my daughter has a line on a bush where the folks are moving and want to get rid of it.. Thanks for sharing!!

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