Empathy Monsters with real feelings

Empathy Monsters Art

I’m still on the Life Book 2017 thing! Surprisingly, since usually after about 3 or 4 weeks of a workshop, I move on to something else. Above are a set of empathy monsters meant to be sent to a swap partner to give them positive messages. It’s a cute idea. I made one for myself and one was sent to Texas. I haven’t received mine yet but I’m looking forward to it! Life Book is filled with lots of art therapy type of lessons and to be honest, I’m beginning to find it a bit overwhelming. I’m more of a “show me the technique” type of learner than I am a “feelings” type of learner though I can see why the program is so appealing for so many. It’s very positive. I just like the nitty gritty.  How do you like to learn? Are you art therapy or art techniques or both? Or something else?

Below is art from my sketchbook, a challenge from my 11 year old daughter. She asked if I could draw a lazy, fat cat with a t-shirt on and the t-shirt had to have cat puns on it. Challenge met!

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The cat's meow!

A bad art bonfire happened

Bad Art Bonfire

I recently signed up for Lifebook 2017 and have been working my way through the weekly lessons and found one that really floats my boat. The idea is to write out negative words about yourself and then burn that piece of paper and use the ash/gel medium mixture in a piece of art. I didn’t want to write more negative thoughts so I decided to burn some bad art. I have a lot of it. Mine I mean! So many ugly sketches, misshapen bodies from life drawing and half done trading cards, LOL. I could literally start a big bonfire with my shoddy offerings to the art gods. But I went small and only burned a couple of drawings in a bowl in my kitchen sink. Even that was enough to have me waving my arms around trying to dispel the ridiculous amount of smoke. If you do this art exercise, go outside!!

Another week’s work below, whimsical owls. I’m not big on drawing quirky critters but these are ok.

Quirky Owls Lifebook 2017

Sky space hair and sloths… in watercolor!

Girl with space and sky hair

I’m still playing around in my new Strathmore journal and loving it. I love that I can go pencil, watercolors, collage and paint all in the same journal on a nice quality, thick paper. So good! Above is the space and sky Mucha hair girl. I’ve been seeing a lot of sky or space hair lately and I wanted to give it a whirl. It was fun but honestly, it took me ages to paint in between all of the hair bits, lol. I usually enjoy a quick approach to art.

If sloths could talk, this is what they would say

Above are another couple of pages. If sloths could talk, I think this is what they would say.

Forest King in his natural habitat

Happy weekend everyone! I hope it’s a good one for you!