Sky space hair and sloths… in watercolor!

Girl with space and sky hair

I’m still playing around in my new Strathmore journal and loving it. I love that I can go pencil, watercolors, collage and paint all in the same journal on a nice quality, thick paper. So good! Above is the space and sky Mucha hair girl. I’ve been seeing a lot of sky or space hair lately and I wanted to give it a whirl. It was fun but honestly, it took me ages to paint in between all of the hair bits, lol. I usually enjoy a quick approach to art.

If sloths could talk, this is what they would say

Above are another couple of pages. If sloths could talk, I think this is what they would say.

Forest King in his natural habitat

Happy weekend everyone! I hope it’s a good one for you!


  1. Neesie

    Great work Sal. The new journal sounds wonderful.
    I think if I had to choose a favourite (and that’s a tough one) It would be the sky space hair artwork.
    Thanks for sharing and happy PPF to you 😀

  2. Renee

    Oh, my, these are awesome. I love your creativity, humour, and style. I feel privileged to be able to enjoy your art! Happy weekend to you! Thank you for sharing.

  3. Erika N

    Wow, I haven’t been by for a bit and have missed some fantastic journaling.:) Thanks for stopping by my blog and even better because you reminded to restop by your. Great pages!

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