A bad art bonfire happened

Bad Art Bonfire

I recently signed up for Lifebook 2017 and have been working my way through the weekly lessons and found one that really floats my boat. The idea is to write out negative words about yourself and then burn that piece of paper and use the ash/gel medium mixture in a piece of art. I didn’t want to write more negative thoughts so I decided to burn some bad art. I have a lot of it. Mine I mean! So many ugly sketches, misshapen bodies from life drawing and half done trading cards, LOL. I could literally start a big bonfire with my shoddy offerings to the art gods. But I went small and only burned a couple of drawings in a bowl in my kitchen sink. Even that was enough to have me waving my arms around trying to dispel the ridiculous amount of smoke. If you do this art exercise, go outside!!

Another week’s work below, whimsical owls. I’m not big on drawing quirky critters but these are ok.

Quirky Owls Lifebook 2017


  1. Valerie-Jael

    Love the owl and the ash portrait. Better not tr burning my bad art – of which I have a lot – here, as we have smoke alarms in all rooms. Still, it’s a fun idea! Hugs, Valerie

  2. victoria

    Gorgeous art, love her expressive energy! It is always amazing visiting your creative world! I am totally smitten with your beautiful owls, they are so magical and whimsical…true radiant beauties!
    Thanks for visiting me too, wishing you a sweet day!

    1. Post
  3. JKW

    I don’t understand bad art. . .I know what I don’t like about mine, however, there is someone who likes what I don’t. . . so no bad art. I’ve sold things that I’ve thought ‘I should have done better.’ BUT it was just what someone wanted. . . ergo, no bad art. Just sayin’ I absolutely love the gal on 2-pages. She’s adorable. However, the owls are so unique, I could hug them. Blessings, Janet

  4. Jennifer McLean

    Oh, see I LOVE your owls. Especially because I just CANNOT do your kind of whimsical art. Your art is always so wonderful to see, so colorful and happy. I can totally concur with the bad art day though, we both seem to be on the same wavelength this week as I’m not thrilled with my offering this week. It’s always strange when others love what you did and you can’t see it. So, let me be that for you, your owls are awesome and make ma smile widely. I especially love their backgrounds being a great foil for their colorfulness. Great balance. Have a great weekend, visiting from PPF!

  5. Linda K

    how clever and creative to use the burnt ashes in the art-I love your pyro girl!! And those owls- I took Tam Laporte’s quirky birds class and loved making them. Your are wonderful! Happy PPF!

  6. denthe

    well, that’s certainly an interesting way of using the lesson in your own way. I so love your journal and I can’t imagine you have bad art!

  7. Giggles

    Your artwork never ceases to make me so happy…the colours and expressions are just treasured!! I just love all of it…and that girl…looks very satisfied to have to burn bad art….lol Love the owls too of course!! Quite the unique project for sure!! Thanks for sharing!!

    Hugs Giggles

  8. Nancy Sapp

    LOVE, LOVE both the owls & the girl with the quirky expression! I’ve read of other artists who hate their work & then burn or paint over the canvases. I say “give it away” to someone who can’t paint or sketch at all. You could make that person’s or persons’ days brighter with your talent! I send some of my “flops” to the troops. They can laugh at my attempts or enjoy them – either way I’m a winner because I made someone smile! LOL

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