Empathy Monsters with real feelings

I’m still on the Life Book 2017 thing! Surprisingly, since usually after about 3 or 4 weeks of a workshop, I move on to something else. Above are a set of empathy monsters meant to be sent to a swap partner to give them positive messages. It’s a cute idea. I made one for myself and one was sent to Texas. I haven’t received mine yet but I’m looking forward to it! Life Book is filled with lots of art therapy type of lessons and to be honest, I’m beginning to find it a bit overwhelming. I’m more of a “show me the technique” type of learner than I am a “feelings” type of learner though I can see why the program is so appealing for so many. It’s very positive. I just like the nitty gritty.  How do you like to learn? Are you art therapy or art techniques or both? Or something else?

Below is art from my sketchbook, a challenge from my 11 year old daughter. She asked if I could draw a lazy, fat cat with a t-shirt on and the t-shirt had to have cat puns on it. Challenge met!

Instagram user? Please let me know your instagram name! I know I follow a few of you already but I love to see daily art and I love instagram. You can find me as SLSLines.


The cat's meow!

16 thoughts on “Empathy Monsters with real feelings

  1. I adore your latest art Sal!! I know what you mean about the lengthy lessons and talk. I am taking some of Tam’s classes online and they can get a bit chatty and deep although I love her positive and healing approach to her beautiful art. Happy PPF!

  2. Your monsters are wonderful, love their facial expressions. And the fat cat somehow looks like me, eeeeeek! I am not a friend of lifebook or similar courses, but I know a lot of people love it. I just like to do my own thing as I feel like it. Have a great weekend, happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

  3. Love the purr-fect cat! And the empathy monsters are so cute. Thanks for the idea about the blending pen. I do have several of those somewhere. I’ll see what that does to the next attempt.

  4. I’ve done lifebook before and I did the fairy tales…I am all about the paint on my hands. I love art, an getting messy, and all the feels stuff doesn’t belong in that area of my life. It is overwhelming. Show me the painting and the five steps it takes to get me there. I love tam though, and the talented artists that get to present. Your little creatures are simply perfect…love them to bits. Happy ppf…xx

  5. Your empathy monsters are delightful, Sal, but I’m totally in LOVE with your cat. Challenge met, indeed! I was interested to read about your Lifebook experience, and have to say that my penchant for experimentation leads me to believe that it may not be up my alley. I love videos that are quick and fully explanatory so I can go explore on my own. Thanks for stopping by my blog to say hello – it was a pleasure to find your site as a result!

  6. Oh my gosh, I love all of these. Those monsters are so adorable, and I’m a big time cat lover so I love that one too, of course. So bright and colorful. I love them

  7. my gosh, I alway LOVE seeing your art. It always makes me immensely happy as it’s filled with life and color. Someone commented on my blog that I should be teaching on Skechbook Skool not taking the course, I was dumbfounded but here I say the same thing to you. YOU should be teaching on the course you’re taking, you’re so good. Those colors are spectacular. Visiting from PPF, thank you for your lovely comment on my blog.

  8. aww cute kitty and lovey monsters 🙂

    not sure what kind of learner I am, prob a art techniques person, which is why I probably wouldn’t have fit in too well with all of the fine art group in uni :p too much what do you think this means? and how does it make you feel? blagh, its a blue square, makes me think you got blue paint on sale and can only paint squares :p

  9. Your empathy monsters are unique – amazing – the fat cat reminds me somehow of Garfield,even though it is completely another – your super- style. I am a “show me the technique” type of learner – I don’t pay for classes with healing suggestions of the soul etc etc. If they are free I accept it – but I won’t pay for such classes. Maybe good for many people, but I love when artists show me how they work and think – that is what I am interested in. There are so many fantastic free courses ( your You TUBE Channel included) where I can learn -lear- learn.
    Happy weekend

  10. FABULOUS post!! I LOVE your empathy monsters and your fat cat…omg you are so talented… I want to see your work everywhere on everything!! You make life happier!! If someone was sick or feeling bad your images couldn’t help but evoke a smile!! I love that about you!! I am not sure what kind of learner I am… intuitive I think..if that even make sense.

    Hugs Giggles

  11. Oh I love your empathy monsters and definitely challenge met with the kitty. I’m not sure which is my preferred learning mode, I think I lean towards technical help…

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