What’s Happening? Geekery and small amounts of nerdism.

This month, I’m going to blog along with Effy Wild. It’s a chance to flex my writing skills (ha ha, right? LOL) and get back to posting on a more regular basis. Effy is providing prompts every day and everyone is welcome to join in. I think most of the blogs will probably have an art related theme but I’m sure there are plenty of other themes too.

So… right now, today, I’m geeking out over the rather large selection of comic books and RPG games at a geek convention. And costumes!! We try to go to FanExpo every year because it’s so much fun. It’s like ComicCon but with far fewer movie stars and event panels. That might be a good thing depending on your Con likes. It’s different for everyone. Some are there for TV panels, some for the comics, some for the cosplay. My favourite thing to see is the sketch panels. A group of dueling comic artists draw a crowd suggested character and then those drawings are raffled off at the end of the duel. I have yet to win so maybe this year is my year!

In other life news, I’m working on new art for my portfolio. YAY! A much needed exercise. I’ve had the same pieces in there for ages now and it’s time to rotate and face some new drawing challenges. I’m hoping to populate my illustration portfolio with the things I love drawing most – game art, comics and pretty ladies. The female fantasy shaman above might make it but we’ll see. I’m filling the sketchbook with ideas right now.

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