My struggle is real: I’m a Super Procrastinator

I have lots of struggles, like most people, but I’m not sure I can write about them. Seriously, I’d much rather tuck them away in the dark recesses of my brain than think about them in the daylight. But I can share my most annoying struggle (aside from losing weight, lol) and that’s my ability to grossly procrastinate with almost every personal art project I do. I don’t procrastinate with work, thankfully. And when I need to get something done (like costumes for FanExpo in three days), I’m good to go although it sometimes takes a jolt and a bunch of coffee or tea to get me moving. But personal art, portfolios or art journals? I can put that shit off forever and just keep thinking about it and dreaming about it. I have sooooo many paintings and illustrations trapped in my head, waiting to be brought to life. I even have a list. So this is the month! I’ve been sketching new art and actually putting pencil to paper and I plan on having some new personal art to share soon. Something that won’t be traded or sold or made for work. Just for me.

I painted those apples above – in one sitting! Just for fun. There was no procrastination involved so it can happen for me. Just not often. I painted those about 6 years ago. Last still life I painted I think. LOL.

I’m blogging along with Effy. Join us.


  1. Emily M

    I can relate 🙂 any funnily enough, I just started a to-do list of art! As I have so many ideas I get worried my crappy short term memory will forget them! I honestly thought those apples where a photo! Amazing! xx

  2. Caroline Sandford

    Those apples look delicious!
    And me too, with the procrastinating. I keep saying that the only way I ever get anything done is when I’m using the project to avoid doing something else!

  3. Lynne Mizera

    I can SOOOOOO relate! And why is it that we never let our own personal stuff get to the top of priority list? This year I even tried to schedule my “myself” into my Art Work Schedule – I called Me “personal development” and I did get two paintings out of it and even managed a few on-line lessons but by May I was at the bottom of the priority pile AGAIN… Grin. LOVE your apples, dito to all those other “thought they were real apples” comments!

  4. jennifer Rose

    I’ve stopped making lists of things I want to do because i never do :p I either sketch an idea then and there or it is lost and even then half the time I never finish the sketch lol

  5. Jennifer McLean

    My God those are gorgeous Sal! I do love your work. And about those Prismacolored pencils, yep, great price and so color rich. Thanks for visiting my blog, I’ll watch this space for new art just for YOU, no one else. It’s so hard to not only be a procrastinator (*jenn reluctantly raises hand) AND a perfectionist, (*Jenn raises other hand, now looks like she’s doing the waive). God help me, I hate being victim to my own weirdness. ;o)

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