Roots, People and Places

I’m going to be literal today. These beautiful people are my roots. Above is my great aunt, my (hispter) grandparents and my great-grandparents! My grandfather worked as a tool and die maker his whole life while my grandmother was a brilliant (I mean that literally, again) stay at home mom who made ridiculously awesome scones and could fill out a cryptic crossword in minutes. Her sister, my great aunt, was a lovely lady who made delicate needlepoint art and also worked at Bletchley Park during WWII. We only found this out recently as she was sworn to the Official Secrets Act for years.

Below is my other grandfather, my great-grandparents in the middle and my grandmother on the right. As you can see, my grandfather was a Navy man and he served in WWII aboard the HMS Exeter and fought in the Battle of the River Plate. His father served in WWI and looks rather handsome in uniform while my lovely great-grandmother was a gentle and kind soul who I luckily still remember. My grandmother was a nurse during the war and for some years after. But mostly she loved bingo, gambling, cigarettes and shopping… in any order.

And me… I was born in England a gazillion, billion years ago (as my 11 year old daughter would say) in a little city in the east midlands and then moved to a tiny, wee village where I didn’t grow up. My father worked as a steam turbine engineer and was sent on a short term work contract to Canada but I think the wide open spaces called to my parents. They loved it in Canada so we ended up staying and I grew up as a cold Canadian rather than as a wet Brit.

I cried pulling out these photos and putting them together. I so miss these people.


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5 thoughts on “Roots, People and Places

  1. It’s so beautiful to me, that you have these photos, and the knowledge of your ‘roots’ and the love that brought tears to your eyes as you shared!

  2. that is really cool you had a relative who worked at Bletchley Park 🙂 really interesting place and part of history

    I know almost nothing about my family history, one part from Ireland, one part from Hungary I’ve been told and thats about it :p

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