Breaking out the jazz hands!

I honestly can’t say I’m a joyful person. I’m often happy for sure but I’m more shy and quiet with a simmering current of mellow most days. I can definitely be hotheaded or giggle like a giddy schoolgirl though my general mood tends toward navel gazing silence. But every once in a while, I totally break out the jazz heads and spread joy! This usually includes warm summer sun, good food, friendly people and wine (or beer in a past life). I like hosting holidays and family parties, even though it’s really taxing on this introvert. But I like to entertain at home in my comfort zone and be surrounded by people I enjoy and love.

Art makes me feel joyful too. When I get on a roll, I can paint for the rest of my life. Those are the very best days.

I’m happily working on digital journal kits right now. A friend told me I should probably cater more to the art journal crowd and that’s what I’m doing! I’m taking her good advice. I have tons of collage sheets and lots of cool little journal kits on the go. I’ve already finished a super creepy vintage journal kit in time for Halloween and am working on Hot Burlesque and Vintage Recipes. I hope to have all of them in my store next week, after I complete some ‘how to’ PDFs along with the promo graphics. It’s the admin stuff that always takes the longest. I can joyfully work on the art and then sludge and stomp my way through promotion and marketing.

This month, I’m blogging along with Effy. Join us!

Happy weekend everyone!

12 thoughts on “Breaking out the jazz hands!

  1. Well, seeing this sure makes me happy! It’s a great idea to make collage sheets! I’ve been trying to make some sheets for my own use, but I’m still figuring out how to use them…

  2. the business side of being an artist sometimes take more time than making art ;/

    very sunny bright piece. I’m a bit of a hermit lol I do talk to people, but would rather read a book :p

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