Green alien erotica

I’ve created a lot of art over the years; probably a few thousand pieces if we’re counting Artist Trading Cards in that number. And most of it speaks to me for sure although some of the odd trade requests over the years have made me question my art sanity. I think I’ve been asked to draw everything from the rather tame “please draw my dog, Rusty” to utter weirdness like “I would love for you to draw me green alien erotica under two setting suns.” And I comply! I love a challenge! I make my own odd requests sometimes too. Right now I’m collecting different artist interpretations of John Singer Sargent’s Madame X painting. I can be difficult too. Drawing ridiculous things takes me out of my comfort zone and I learn new art things. Β Bonus! I never agree to draw anything I’m not comfortable drawing, just so you know.Β But the art that speaks most to me, that’s autobiographical in a way, is the art I sloved over (slogged and loved combo; it’s a word for sure). The pair above, although creepy to some, really speak to me. I love dark things like gothic novels, the big seedy city at night, hot romantic vampires and The Cure. I don’t at all like violence or harm or evil things, just the rebellious and slightly dark edge some people and places have. And the art I slove over always tends toward the slightly dark, like Lord Midnight and his Voodoo Queen above. I’m a middle aged suburban woman so there’s nothing much gothic about me anymore (the painting below is no longer me, LOL). My black nail polish days are long behind me. But that dark edge always peeks out through my most loved art, the art I enjoy making the most.


I’m blogging along with Effy this month. Join us! I’m not able to blog every day so I’m picking and choosing the good days. It all works.

PS. If you want to do an ATC trade, let me know in a comment or via my contact form. Always up for a new trade with new artists! I will draw almost anything, lol!

13 thoughts on “Green alien erotica

  1. I like things with dark edges too. I feel like I have dark edges, inky seams and midnight shadows lurking in me. I hide them well, so afraid of what others would think if they knew of the wild places in me… in my writing, though, every once in a while, the inky shadows seep through the pages, and I feel a little more free. πŸ–€

  2. I am loving that the darkness peeks out. I find the Lord and his Voodoo Queen quite delightful and especially adore all the wonderful adornments in their hats.

    Dropping in from the Artfully Wild Blog Along Group.

  3. I love the steampunk art too! I do atc cards but i havent done many this summer. When things slow down I would be glad to swap with you!

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