Freebies! Admiration for the opposites!

I don’t write much about politics in my blog or in art forums. It’s not that I don’t care (I do, very much) but more like I don’t want to offend or upset anyone. I try to keep my thoughts to myself or to angry discussions with my father. I’m only half joking here. I actually love to discuss politics with my Dad though we come from opposite sides of the fence on some issues. Most times we keep it civil and I enjoy (?) hearing what he has to say.  Other times, I seriously want to scream like a banshee during our conversations. But my father is the one who instilled a love of politics in me, an admiration for the system of government and the push to always vote because my vote matters. We often clash about Justin Trudeau’s government and though neither of us voted for him (my father is a fiscal conservative: PC party and I’m a Canadian leftie: NDP! WOO! Tommy Douglas!) , he features heavily in our debates. But that’s OK. I think it’s healthy to disagree but still be able to talk about things civilly and in an informed way; not through sound bites. My father really promoted this when we were kids. If we made a political statement, he wanted to know the reason we felt that way and then pushed us to back up our opinions. And he was always the initial drive behind my desire to vote in every election. If you don’t use it, you might lose he would say… or something to that effect and it left a lasting impression on me. I never miss an election. So thanks, Dad! I still firmly believe Stephen Harper is a complete tool though 😉

And on another note…


Yesterday was actually freebie day in blogland but true to form, I am behind the curve! So today is freebie day here on my blog and you know, I have piles of colouring pages, collage sheets, art doll templates and digital papers that I could hand out. So I think I might just do that–hand out more free stuff this month. Sounds good to me.

Today, I have three colouring pages. I love to celebrate and have fun and I totally plan on being that older beach babe on the left in a few years. My tummy already looks nicely rounded like that so I’m getting there. You can add text to the wine fan in the middle as I left an empty space on the bottle for messages and personalized labels – of course! The third image is another hot mama missing a slipper. I think it’s safe to say that we’ve all been there. The download links are below. You’re welcome to use these images in your personal art and journals and your commercial art too (limited). I always allow sales for up to 100 hand made paper items like greeting cards or tags. These links will be available until the end of September. After that, they’re gone! If you want to see more of colouring images or my colouring books, I have tons in my Etsy store and sometimes on my Facebook page, there are more freebies. I’m terrible at updating it though. Maybe checking here is best, LOL. I have a freebie section on my blog that really needs to grow.


Next blog post will include an art doll template or two 🙂




  1. Liv

    All the feels here. I call my Dad too and my grandfather when i need a good politics chat! I keep my pages a no fly zone. I always say I am here for the art and blogging alone. Sometimes i might make a statement but i really have to have my head spinning with this fake news lately!

  2. Jennifer McLean

    OMG, SAL!!!!!! I didn’t know you were a fellow Canadian! *Jenn waves from BC* I totally agree with you and LOVE the Trump troll. Hehehe. Hopefully someday NDP will win out and we can give them a chance!

  3. Giggles

    Yes us Canadian ppfers are all quite political it would seem!! Well done…love your fabulous Character. I stay neutral on my blog for many reasons!! Behind the scenes I hold passionate opinions!! I have followed all politics for years!! So interesting.. You truly could be a political cartoonist should you dare!! I held different political leanings to my family too. Great post!!

    Hugs Giggles

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