Sunday Swoon on a Tuesday

Life Drawing

I’m totally behind on the blog along with Effy blog posts but that’s par for the course with me! And this way I get to pick and choose topics that are easier. Bonus for us busy procrastinators! I do plan on participating in the ongoing Sunday Swoon so pretend this is still Sunday and I’m not late. I’ll get it right next week for sure. It feels weird to swoon about my own art but I’m going to do it and join in with the rest of the boasters 😉

I really like some of my art, seriously hate less of it and feel so-so about the rest. I think that’s normal.  But art of mine that I’ve always really liked has been my life drawings. I love to go to life drawing sessions. I used to run a local drop in session for a couple of years and I was drawing figures all of the time so I have, literally, tons of them rolled up in my art space. These are some of my faves with my very favourite models too. There’s nothing like a good life drawing session to make you feel good about drawing, even if some of the drawings are bad. You can usually get a few good ones at any session, work you can be proud of. The others? I roll them up, hide them away and occasionally re-use them as wrapping paper or scrap.

Thanks to Jean Maurie for her wonderful YouTube singing post today. It has me on a Jesus Christ Superstar listening binge. I’ve even been searching for the musical playing anywhere near me. No luck yet! But I’m hopeful since there’s a tour every couple of years. It’s been about 20+ years since I last saw it but I listen to the soundtrack now and then as it’s always been one of my faves. I’m not even religious. At all. LOL. But I sure love this music!



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