These walls are definitely talking

The Lebowski Wall

I have collected a lot of art over the years. Some I’ve made myself, some I’ve traded for and some I’ve bought. It’s been about 12 years of active collecting and trading now so you can image that I have a lot! I have so much art that some is even stored in boxes. That makes me sad. It’s crazy to have beautiful art in boxes. So it’s been my mission lately to change up all of the art walls in my house and add in a bunch of the new stuff. The wall above is my Lebowski wall for Lebowski art, dude. I have a lot more to go up there but this is easily one of my fave art walls. It makes me happy looking at Walter’s sour face and the Dude’s weed infused grin. If any of you ever want to trade me art, I’m always up for a Lebowski trade.

I’ve traded a lot of ATCs (Artist Trading Cards) and they’re one of my fave things to display in a small frame. I usually put 2 – 8 ATCs in various size frames and display them throughout the house. I back them with scrapbooking paper and it looks cool and colourful. At left are some of my faves. My friend, Ann D’Angelo, makes very witty collage ATCs and I’ve been the lucky recipient of many of her beauties. I was also lucky enough to trade a lot with Renee Nault a few years back. She’s an amazing artist and is now doing the art for Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale graphic novel. I’m not sure when that’s coming out but it’s on my must buy list for sure.

The pics below are some of the other art covered walls in the house. The art at the bottom is my much loved Sandman corner. I really enjoy the Sandman comics by Neil Gaiman and the art in this corner (except the dinosaur) is all about The Endless. I have some gorgeous dolls by Sarah Trumppย and the coolest ever book Delirium. Love her! Sarah sent me a super amazing Delirium doll last Christmas and I need to build a little shelf for her in the Sandman corner.

I just rearranged the big art wall in my upstairs hall. It’s actually a huge piece of wood that I painted with blackboard paint. Tons of fun to decorate and draw on this one. We change it up all of the time and add different quotes and pics. That amazing art doll sticking up is a Jean Michel Basquiat style doll made for me by the incredibly talented Rhonda Anderson. I’m a huge fan and collect art in his style so this was a most wonderful gift from an art friend.

My studio is covered in art but it’s all a mess so I can’t take photos. My daughter’s super annoying but ridiculously cute cat has been jumping on my shelves and attacking my art dolls and sculptures so I’ve had to cover up the shelves for now. Grrrrrrrrr. Cats are cute, but so irritating.

I’m blogging along with Effy this month! Join us.



And finally, a bit of art from me for this week. Some book loving book hugger bookmarks. Say that quickly six times! And a couple of fashion ATCs for a trade.


  1. Effy

    That is a gorgeous collection! I want to do the same, but I need some kind of drill for my ancient plaster walls that will let me put in those reinforcer thingies. Yes, that’s a technical term. *LOL*

  2. erika n

    LOVE your art collection-or at least what is out. Wall space in my house is limited so that means fewer displayed pieces. Artist to artist support to VERY important. It was makes us thrive I think. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for visiting my blog. And have a great weekend.

  3. Faye

    I loved seeing your beautiful walls full of artworks. However, I am such an admirer of your talent that I look forward to seeing what you have done. I’m so glad you included the beautiful turquoise-colored hair women.

  4. Jennifer McLean

    oh I’m so envious! I have some of my stuff up and a couple of friend’s pieces but my gosh I’d love to have all that framed! Frames are so expensive. I have a box, just like you and it makes me sad when I look at it. I’ll have to do just what you did and make it a priority! Thanks for the push Sal. We’ll have to trade some day, I’m not sure my art is in a category that you enjoy though. Have a great weekend. Visiting from PPF!

    1. Post
  5. denthe

    oh, how fun! I love how you displayed the ATC’s, and that piece of wood with black paint is a great idea for those smaller pieces. Love your art dolls too! would love to have a look around your house ๐Ÿ™‚ Congrats on being the featured artist on PPF!!

  6. Fran Gracieotripp

    Congrats on getting the opening banner this week. Great work as usual. I have made some groups and collages from some of my trading cards too. I admire your displays. I really must do some better displays of my collections.

  7. John R

    Wow! What a lot of art. Your walls look great. I’ve recently framed some of my artwork and placed it around the house. It certainly brightens the place up. Love your bookmarks. I’m a big reader and could just see one of these marking my place. Have a great weekend.

  8. Mandy Snow

    You’ve inspired me to get my art up on the walls…thank you…love all of it on the walls and love your latest pieces..xx

  9. Tori

    Loved seeing your collection! I have quite a few ATCs that I’ve collected from trades and you’ve inspired me to display them as you have done. They look fantastic grouped in the frames.

    The bookmarks are too cute and your fashion ATCs are lovely!

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