Butterflies & Tomatoes

Butterfly Girl

The weather is pretty weird lately. I’m in Canada and normally at this time of the year, it’s starting to chill quite a bit. But this year we had a crazy warm hot spell at the end of September and my tomato plants have re-blossomed! It’s way too late in the season for them to develop into fruit but it was a valiant effort. Makes me sad too – hot weather this late in the year. On the brighter side, my fall gardening is mostly done now. I only have to rake… like 50 times. I am surrounded by trees.

Above is a mixed media piece from my new art journal. I was feeling the warm autumn colours and wanted to go with something cheerful and fun before the snow starts. Winter is coming. OMG. I had to say that. It’s my GoT addiction showing. I’ll work on a few snow ladies soon. I’m ready for the white stuff to appear!

I’m going to have a whole new set of prints soon for my art store. And a new batch of original ACEOs and probably some postcard sized art too. I’ll be uploading and announcing some sales over the coming month or two!


  1. froebelsternchen

    You are such a wonderful artist – another WOW WOW WOW girl!
    I do not only adore your fantastic portrait skills but also your fantastic use of colors and your perfect feeling for composition!
    Yes weather is crazy – everywhere nowadays . Here as well! This is a fact and we will try to make the best of it .
    Well done with having all done in the garden! Now you have even more time for art!

  2. jennifer Rose

    this is gorgeous, love the colours and the detail in the braid 🙂

    I stopped watching GOT in the second season but am waiting for the next book if he ever finishes it lol

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