RBG and a bunch of other art!

RBG, you have to love her. Except if you’re a republican… probably. LOL. Maybe most people find her as wonderful as I do? I love her even though I’m Canadian. This is the notorious Ruth Bader Ginsburg, mixed media style. I’ve been painting an awful lot lately but most of it has been sent off to friends for Santa gifts and can’t be shown here yet. And I still have some more Santa paintings to make and the odd trade or two still happening. Thankfully, business is quiet this December and I’m just happy to plod along and paint things.

This weekend is another Art-A-Thon over at IllustratedATCs.com so I’ve been drawing and colouring batches of ATCsn to trade. If you’re a member, please come by and trade with me! Here are some of the cards I’ve done for it.

ATCs for trade


The Art Bundle for Good is here! Have you signed up for this yet? I think there are only two days left! It is truly amazing! Please, please check it out and don’t miss it! There are about 75 online courses and a batch of PDF art books. Well worth the money and the best thing is that 25% of the proceeds go to charity. I’ve signed up and can confirm it’s a fabulous deal filled with awesome things for all artists and styles.

Happy weekend !

10 thoughts on “RBG and a bunch of other art!

  1. You did a fantastic job with the likeness, Sal. Your art is always amazing. Thanks for noticing the dog in my wagon of toys. The watercolor teacher told us to try to make the dog the focal point.

  2. What a powerful artist you are! Love everything and how you add humour in your work too! Cat lady with the knee sock creeping down made me smile! Such an amusing diverse soul you are!

    Peace Giggles

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