Artist Trading Cards & Coloring Bundles

Artist Trading Cards Rainbow Hair

I’ve been trying to catch up on my ATC making this week. I’ve been a bit hampered by an extremely busy work time this month but I’ve managed to pull off a few for various trades. Most of these are for These are all watercolour and ink. And below are a couple of creepy cute girls for a travelling trade. I think this has become my favourite new way to trade. An envelope of 6 ATCs is passed on from friend to friend and you take out 1 – 4 cards and replace them with 1 – 4 of your own and send on to the next person. I’ve received some truly gorgeous art from these easy trades!


Creepy Cute Artist Trading Cards


I’ve also been back at work making new graphic sets for my creative design clients and customers. I just released a new Clouds & Rainbows set on Etsy as well as a few bundles of my older digital stamp / lineart pages. If you’re interested in colouring, then this might be a bit of fun! I just released a package of Naughty! pieces, one of pretty girl portraits and another featuring fairies and fantasy. They’re all available at Etsy.

Diigital stamp bundle fairies and fantasy


Rainbow Breath… and love

Rainbow Breath

An art journal spread featuring rainbow breath and a bit of love. This one is pencil and watercolor with coloured pencil and paint pens for the flowers. I’m not really big on quotes and words in my art journals and it was nice to make use of the whiteness of the page for a change. I’m usually a filler of all four corners. I might turn this one into prints with a quote though. I’ll have to see if it works out in the editing.

Happy Monday 🙂




Game character design with maps

Zombie Marie Antoinette and Frida

It’s been a busy week for me so I’m looking forward to hanging out and being mellow this weekend. Maybe get a little art journal time in there too, when I’m not lounging. I have some catching up to do with the multiple online courses I’m taking this year so I hope I can squeeze a bit of that in there too. And if the weather holds, it might be nice to go for a walk since a lot of snow has melted. It’s seriously difficult to walk in deep snow, LOL.

Above are some artist trading cards featuring the lovely zombified Marie Antoinette and Frida. These are both watercolours and ink and were lots of fun to make. I love character art the most.

And below is some game art I made for my husband for his current campaign in Apocalypse World. We play a lot of independent RPGs like Fiasco, Psi*Run, Monster of the Week, etc. I’m not involved in this particular game but I did get to do the art for all of the NPCs (non-player characters) as well as some maps. These are my first game maps and it might be an area I want to further develop. I used to love my big atlas as a kid and maps in particular so game map making really appeals to me. Any game art really.


Game Art: Characters and maps


Hope everyone has a super weekend!

Reading: Oathbringer (The Stormlight Archive, #3) by Brandon Sanderson
Watching: Peaky Blinders! Cillian Murphy and Tom Hardy are so good in this
Learning: About the moon in my new Moonshine art course with Effy Wild
Loving: Working on my new large watercolour series, so fun

Snow plows… and art too

Picasso inspired Artist Trading Cards

I love Picasso. Not all of his art but I do love his crazy surrealism with bold and vibrant colours. Love that stuff! I saw a Picasso inspired swap open on so I had to join. And these are my artist trading cards for the swap. These were done with markers though. Acrylic paint takes far too long for me but the markers worked out well I think. Really had fun with this set. And I love the Picasso boobs. It’s like a half melon on the chest.

On a less happy note… I live in Canada and it obviously snows a lot here, at least where I live. And today I was helping to shovel our driveway. We were down to the last couple of shovel fulls and the snow plow came. Anyone who knows about snow dreads the snow plow guy coming when they are shovelling. Seriously. We had already cleaned one massive snow plow dump and he shows up again! And he was smiling too. ARGH! Now it could have been a sheepish sympathy smile (probably was) but I did not like him in that moment so I’m thinking it was a “HA HA, you snow losers” smirk. Minor work out for the day done!

Please look away if swearing is going to upset you! 

I know the art below is a bit rude for some of you. But I think sometimes a good swear word really works to ease some stress and I like to add them occasionally to my artwork. Ok, in real life I am a swear bear. I admit it. I do swear a fair amount.

Fuck no smokers


Rainbow horns and bees

Rainbow horns and bees

I have a thing for a lot of colour. Some of you may have noticed that. So rainbow horns is totally my thing and I can’t wait to do another one of these mixed media paintings. The more colour, the better. I think I’ll be filling my next few journal pages with rainbow horned ladies and men just because I love bold colour. And rainbow horns. And smiling people. That is my new journal adventure this month – extreme colour!

I started a new art journal for 2018 and already I’m wracking my brain trying to come up with a theme to paint that doesn’t make me feel like a Stuart Smalley affirmation. I’m not especially into themes like “dream” or “thankful.” Not that there’s anything wrong with themes like that. They’re meaningful and pretty to many people. I get it! I just have a stupid sense of humour and if someone gives me a theme like “dream” you know I’m going to paint a surreal half nightmare featuring Chuckie dancing with cute forest fairies. I should consult my own list and give one a whirl. I have a long list of art prompts and themes here on my blog if you’re ever stuck for a journal theme. Be warned though – some of the themes are utterly ridiculous, some light, some educational and some really dark. I think I might go with What’s at the end of my rainbow?” for my next spread. It’s fitting my colour love this week.

I made an art trade recently with Jennifer McLean from and just received her package a few days ago. WOWZA! She sent me the most brilliant cherry painting! If you’ve ever seen Jennifer’s art, then you know what a master she is with the watercolours. MASTER. I love the painting and am going to frame it and hang in my kitchen! I forgot to ask her permission to post it here but I’m sure it will appear on her blog at some point. She hasn’t received my art yet so I can’t post it. But such a fun trade!

Reading: Oathbringer (The Stormlight Archive, #3) by Brandon Sanderson
Watching: Just finished La Mante, a French myster thriller on Netflix. Creepy!
Learning: I’m still working my way through LifeBook 2017. So many lessons!
Loving: My new set of Golden Fluid Acrylics! I was a heavy body girl. WAS.

I borrowed the above blog bit from Jennifer. I like seeing personal info on other blogs so I’m going to add it to mine too! It’s a bit of fun. 🙂

Happy weekend everyone! Linking to PPF and Art Journal Journey for my new adventures in ridiculous colour spread. LOL.


Happy new year! Woo 2018!

Art Journal Moonshine 2018

Happy new year to all of my art friends! Hope it’s a wonderful year for everyone and we’re all very productive and successful with our artistic endeavors.

This year, I’ve signed up for a batch of online art courses. I was lucky enough to get the Art Bundle Bundle for Good this year and there are soooooo many wonderful workshops included that I’m a bit overwhelmed. I’ll work through those as I can. I’m also working my way through two year long programs, Book of Days 2018 with Effy Wild, and Moonshine 2018, also with Effy Wild. Both are focused on art journalling though BoD is more general art journal stuff and Moonshine has a witchy/pagan bent. They’re both looking amazing so far! I didn’t sign up for LifeBook this year. I did it last year (well, maybe a quarter of it) but with all of the other courses, I thought it might be too much. I still have to produce art to make a living and can’t spend all of my days on the super fun stuff! LOL. Above is the first journal spread for the new year, this one from Book of Days. My word for the year: ENERGY! Hope I can sustain it! I usually fade in February.

This January, I’m doing the Doodlewash Watercolour challenge! It’s 31 happy things to paint for the month of January. I’m a day behind already. Par for the course! But I’ll catch up tonight I hope. I usually do the 30 Paintings in 30 Days January challenge but that’s been postponed until February this year. Works for me! I can do it next.


Artist Trading Cards Catlady



Above are a few ATCs from various swaps and events over at, my favourite trading place. I think I might make some larger versions of the octopus Art Nouveau hair. So much fun.

I’m participating in Art Journal Journey this year! My first post 🙂