Rainbow horns and bees

Rainbow horns and bees

I have a thing for a lot of colour. Some of you may have noticed that. So rainbow horns is totally my thing and I can’t wait to do another one of these mixed media paintings. The more colour, the better. I think I’ll be filling my next few journal pages with rainbow horned ladies and men just because I love bold colour. And rainbow horns. And smiling people. That is my new journal adventure this month – extreme colour!

I started a new art journal for 2018 and already I’m wracking my brain trying to come up with a theme to paint that doesn’t make me feel like a Stuart Smalley affirmation. I’m not especially into themes like “dream” or “thankful.” Not that there’s anything wrong with themes like that. They’re meaningful and pretty to many people. I get it! I just have a stupid sense of humour and if someone gives me a theme like “dream” you know I’m going to paint a surreal half nightmare featuring Chuckie dancing with cute forest fairies. I should consult my own list and give one a whirl. I have a long list of art prompts and themes here on my blog if you’re ever stuck for a journal theme. Be warned though – some of the themes are utterly ridiculous, some light, some educational and some really dark. I think I might go with Whatโ€™s at the end of my rainbow?”ย for my next spread. It’s fitting my colour love this week.

I made an art trade recently with Jennifer McLean from justaddwatersilly.com and just received her package a few days ago. WOWZA! She sent me the most brilliant cherry painting! If you’ve ever seen Jennifer’s art, then you know what a master she is with the watercolours. MASTER. I love the painting and am going to frame it and hang in my kitchen! I forgot to ask her permission to post it here but I’m sure it will appear on her blog at some point. She hasn’t received my art yet so I can’t post it. But such a fun trade!

Reading: Oathbringer (The Stormlight Archive, #3) by Brandon Sanderson
Watching: Just finished La Mante, a French myster thriller on Netflix. Creepy!
Learning: I’m still working my way through LifeBook 2017. So many lessons!
Loving: My new set of Golden Fluid Acrylics! I was a heavy body girl. WAS.

I borrowed the above blog bit from Jennifer. I like seeing personal info on other blogs so I’m going to add it to mine too! It’s a bit of fun. ๐Ÿ™‚

Happy weekend everyone! Linking to PPF and Art Journal Journey for my new adventures in ridiculous colour spread. LOL.



  1. froebelsternchen

    Oh my gosh – she is AMAZING . I love all about her ! Just GREAT! You have such a wonderful style – they are so full of life! Her eyes are terrific!
    So happy to see her linked to AJJ Sal! Thank you very much !
    I can imagine how nice to get an original painting from Jennifer!
    I am looking forward to seeing many more of rainbow horned people – maybe a unicorn boy/girl for me as well? Happy weekend and have fun with the new fluid Goldens – they are really amazing- you are right!I have just a few bottles – but I would love to have the whole range of colours and the most beautiful green is their Green Gold and all those fantastic teal colors.
    I spend a lot of time on Netflix as well….. love to watch a whole season of something in one single night -lol!

  2. Linda K

    wow-this is so magical and amazing!! LOVE all the vibrant color and this painting seems to be telling a whole story. I love that you gave her one green eye and one blue;)
    I have one of Jenn’s originals as we had done a trade not so long ago and I love it too-her attention to the tiniest of details in her paintings are stunning.
    Love Golden too and have some of each type-heavy body, regular acrylic, fluid acrylic and high flow. They are all super but also pricey so I also use cheaper brands. Happy PPF!

    1. Post
  3. Erika N

    I like the rainbow horns. I am all about color too. It makes the world a much more interesting place. I am also going to check out your Netflix show. I need something new to get engrossed in, and although I don’t like horror, creepy is good. I love how your rainbow girl has 2 colored eyes.Happy Friday! Happy weekend! Hugs-Erika

  4. Sandee Setliff

    I had to look up Stuart Smalley affirmations as I don’t watch SNL anymore, but your drawing is wow! love her expression, and I like the idea of extreme color!

  5. laurie

    I love it! The color, the horns, the eyes and the gesture with her hand over her mouth,, now that tells a story!! Jennifers work is amazing as is she!

  6. Bleubeard & Elizabeth

    Once again, I am SO in love with your paintings. I love the bees and of course the colored horns. But most of all, I love how you paint. Your faces are incredible and this is no exception.

    I have some heavy body acrylics I bought on clearance one year and have never opened them. Large jars, too! I’m a fluid acrylic girl. Thanks so much for sharing this gorgeous and colorful entry with us at Art Journal Journey, Sal.
    Hugs, E

  7. Giggles

    You are so interesting! Your use if colour is true eye candy for me! I love that you are so whimsical and march to your own drummer finding unique quotes! Never a dull moment with you! Cliches oh my! Lol. Jennifers work is incredible! I hope she reads this post!

    Peace Giggles

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