Snow plows… and art too

I love Picasso. Not all of his art but I do love his crazy surrealism with bold and vibrant colours. Love that stuff! I saw a Picasso inspired swap open on so I had to join. And these are my artist trading cards for the swap. These were done with markers though. Acrylic paint takes far too long for me but the markers worked out well I think. Really had fun with this set. And I love the Picasso boobs. It’s like a half melon on the chest.

On a less happy note… I live in Canada and it obviously snows a lot here, at least where I live. And today I was helping to shovel our driveway. We were down to the last couple of shovel fulls and the snow plow came. Anyone who knows about snow dreads the snow plow guy coming when they are shovelling. Seriously. We had already cleaned one massive snow plow dump and he shows up again! And he was smiling too. ARGH! Now it could have been a sheepish sympathy smile (probably was) but I did not like him in that moment so I’m thinking it was a “HA HA, you snow losers” smirk. Minor work out for the day done!

Please look away if swearing is going to upset you! 

I know the art below is a bit rude for some of you. But I think sometimes a good swear word really works to ease some stress and I like to add them occasionally to my artwork. Ok, in real life I am a swear bear. I admit it. I do swear a fair amount.

Fuck no smokers


5 thoughts on “Snow plows… and art too

  1. The Picasso ATCs are wowsers – they are really amazing and your girl is so so cool !
    The same happens here often with the snow plow – my hubby always has a kind of fight with the guys…they are often kind of miscreant. Don’t worry ♥♥♥ Forgiveness is the word – Forgive them for they know not what they do!

    Happy week!
    oxo Susi

  2. boobs!! 😀 lol sorry, like the cards a lot, very colourful 🙂

    i hate the snow plow guys, we gave up shovelling the end of our drive, wasn’t much point since no one without a tank was going to get up our hilly driveway :p we would get a lot of snow in the little hamlet we lived in in ontario. didnt get that much snow were we were in alberta, just really really cold there

  3. Love this post…you always amaze me! Just when I’m falling in love with your Picassos….you share the girl who is expressing how all my people are feeling these days! Wow…wow…wow!

    Peace Giggles

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