Game character design with maps

It’s been a busy week for me so I’m looking forward to hanging out and being mellow this weekend. Maybe get a little art journal time in there too, when I’m not lounging. I have some catching up to do with the multiple online courses I’m taking this year so I hope I can squeeze a bit of that in there too. And if the weather holds, it might be nice to go for a walk since a lot of snow has melted. It’s seriously difficult to walk in deep snow, LOL.

Above are some artist trading cards featuring the lovely zombified Marie Antoinette and Frida. These are both watercolours and ink and were lots of fun to make. I love character art the most.

And below is some game art I made for my husband for his current campaign in Apocalypse World. We play a lot of independent RPGs like Fiasco, Psi*Run, Monster of the Week, etc. I’m not involved in this particular game but I did get to do the art for all of the NPCs (non-player characters) as well as some maps. These are my first game maps and it might be an area I want to further develop. I used to love my big atlas as a kid and maps in particular so game map making really appeals to me. Any game art really.


Game Art: Characters and maps


Hope everyone has a super weekend!

Reading: Oathbringer (The Stormlight Archive, #3) by Brandon Sanderson
Watching: Peaky Blinders! Cillian Murphy and Tom Hardy are so good in this
Learning: About the moon in my new Moonshine art course with Effy Wild
Loving: Working on my new large watercolour series, so fun

14 thoughts on “Game character design with maps

  1. your illustrative pieces are so impressive Sal. I love the vibrancy and emotion each character conveys. And to get so much detail on such small substrates-wow! Love Frida especially. Happy PPF!

  2. Wow, these are scary amazing! I think I prefer Frida because of her intense determined look and her colorful background. Happy PPF

  3. Great scary illustrations and great fun Sal! I recognised Frida straight away as soon as the image appeared.
    We are all fans of Peaky Blinders in this house. Your right both Cillian and Tom are brilliant in it. I even have the theme tune as my ring tone…only trouble is I don’t want to answer my phone when it rings because I love the music! Enjoy your lounging/arty weekend. Happy PPF to you 😀

  4. All your characters are so expressive as well as interesting. You have great talent to see just main points to make them impress us.
    Thank you for this super post ❤❤❤

  5. I just love that Frida! The colors are so joyful. It’s a version of her you don’t see. She may not have seen it much herself. 🙂

    Great characters and maps! I think that would be super cool to do maps.

  6. Fabulous Frida and wow you create terrific gaming characters! Perfect marriage of creativity. Peaky blinders piqued my interest! Thanks for sharing!

    Peace Giggles

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