Artist Trading Cards & Coloring Bundles

I’ve been trying to catch up on my ATC making this week. I’ve been a bit hampered by an extremely busy work time this month but I’ve managed to pull off a few for various trades. Most of these are for These are all watercolour and ink. And below are a couple of creepy cute girls for a travelling trade. I think this has become my favourite new way to trade. An envelope of 6 ATCs is passed on from friend to friend and you take out 1 – 4 cards and replace them with 1 – 4 of your own and send on to the next person. I’ve received some truly gorgeous art from these easy trades!


Creepy Cute Artist Trading Cards


I’ve also been back at work making new graphic sets for my creative design clients and customers. I just released a new Clouds & Rainbows set on Etsy as well as a few bundles of my older digital stamp / lineart pages. If you’re interested in colouring, then this might be a bit of fun! I just released a package of Naughty! pieces, one of pretty girl portraits and another featuring fairies and fantasy. They’re all available at Etsy.

Diigital stamp bundle fairies and fantasy


14 thoughts on “Artist Trading Cards & Coloring Bundles

  1. Your ATCs are absolutely cool – and this ATC swap sounds super – and I am thrilled about your new digital Fairies – will pin your etsy-link on Pinterest to support you – they are really cool!
    Happy weekend Sal!
    oxo Susi

  2. I always look forward to your unique whimsical pieces! Your work is always so fun, upbeat and diverse! Such a joy to visit! Thanks for the links too!

    Peace GIggles

  3. So much amazing art! I am such a fan of your wonderful colors. Beautiful fox mask and adorable tiny birds and I just love those creepy cute girls.

    Also thank you so kindly for the nice note you left me!

  4. I love those creepy cute girls, especially the one with the fox. Gorgeous! And what a wonderful idea to have a travelling trade! Is that in Canada only or is it international?

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