Stuff you put in art journals


I’m not much of a writer as my regular visitors will know. It’s usually a struggle to put together enough words for a blog post so you can imagine my distress when it comes to writing stuff in an art journal. I’m not exactly big on pouring my inner thoughts on a page either and this is usually why my art journals are mostly filled with pictures rather than pretty words and quotes. I just like to draw and an art journal is more like a bigger, better sketchbook to me than a diary. The text above isn’t even part of the journal image above. I added it in Photoshop. Maybe I’ll call it an enhanced painting book from now on rather than a journal. Anyway, here’s to lonely socks! This post is dedicated to them.

More journal art! This time with a few words! The art comes from the wonderful Moonshine program with Effy Wild. Lots of pagan, witchy art stuff if that’s your thing. If not, it’s a super fun course anyway. Effy is such a great teacher of technique and a wonderful source of art supply knowledge.


Hope the weather is being kind to everyone! Spring is almost here! Sort of!


Mermaids, Dryads & Space Adventures. And Barflies too.

Bar flies or flies at the bar

It’s been a busy week! Lots of art happening and a flurry of ATC trading and swapping. I barely managed to get any actual work out. And who needs work when you can trade art? LOL. I wish.

Above are a set of bar flies, or flies at the bar. This is me as a fly. Actually, I usually just sit at a table rather than the bar. These were made for an insect swap. I had to be extra and humanize them but seriously, drawing insects is pretty gross. They have a lot of ugly bits. No one wants to draw those bits. It was fun though – something other than human is always good for practice now and then. Also below are some mermaids and a pair of dryads for a trading friend in Germany. I love to make curvy mermaids with flowing hair. All of those curves are fun! And space adventures too! I went for a vintage vibe in space with these ones.

Space Adventures

Dryads and mermaids

And a journal bit from one of my art journals. This one is from Book of Days with Effy Wild (highly recommend any of Effy’s art programs). The figure is a continuous line drawing though you can’t tell anymore since she’s covered in paint and ink now but I did do the exercise properly! The list is a list of wonders – things that make you happy on a bad day. I had so many more things to add but couldn’t fit them all in.

Book of Days

Happy weekend everyone!


Hand art! Featuring sloths and pandas!

Animals hands

I don’t make a lot of animal art but I really enjoyed making these art hands for a trading buddy on one of my swap sites. Pandas and sloths are really my faves to draw because they’re both so ridiculously cute! The hands are my hands traced and that’s part of the joy of trading this sort of art. Not only is it wonderful art from friends, it’s literally their hands and I love that. I collect art on hands and once I have them displayed on my wall, I’ll take a pic and show everyone. These hands are watercolor and markers.

My second youngest daughter moved out this week and it was a little sad. Honestly,  I’m not really the type to be upset at kids leaving home. I love them all dearly but I also totally love it when they move out and get on with their own lives and adventures. They love it too. Freedom! This daughter has her first apartment all on her own and it’s pretty exciting for her. It’s a cute little place and she has her adorable cat for company. She’s bringing her laundry round on the weekend though so some things haven’t changed much, LOL.  Kids, right? I only have one kiddo left at home now though she’s only 11 so she’ll be here for a while. Yay! It’s getting to be a much quieter house now.


Watercolor Clipart - Peonies and butterflies


In other news, I have a new graphic set out – this one featuring pretty pink peonies and butterflies. It’s almost time for spring, right? I’ll probably end up using this set myself in some art. I love peonies so much but they’re a bit of a pain to paint!

Happy weekend, everyone!