Hand art! Featuring sloths and pandas!

Animals hands

I don’t make a lot of animal art but I really enjoyed making these art hands for a trading buddy on one of my swap sites. Pandas and sloths are really my faves to draw because they’re both so ridiculously cute! The hands are my hands traced and that’s part of the joy of trading this sort of art. Not only is it wonderful art from friends, it’s literally their hands and I love that. I collect art on hands and once I have them displayed on my wall, I’ll take a pic and show everyone. These hands are watercolor and markers.

My second youngest daughter moved out this week and it was a little sad. Honestly,  I’m not really the type to be upset at kids leaving home. I love them all dearly but I also totally love it when they move out and get on with their own lives and adventures. They love it too. Freedom! This daughter has her first apartment all on her own and it’s pretty exciting for her. It’s a cute little place and she has her adorable cat for company. She’s bringing her laundry round on the weekend though so some things haven’t changed much, LOL.  Kids, right? I only have one kiddo left at home now though she’s only 11 so she’ll be here for a while. Yay! It’s getting to be a much quieter house now.


Watercolor Clipart - Peonies and butterflies


In other news, I have a new graphic set out – this one featuring pretty pink peonies and butterflies. It’s almost time for spring, right? I’ll probably end up using this set myself in some art. I love peonies so much but they’re a bit of a pain to paint!

Happy weekend, everyone!




  1. Mandy Snow

    Love your animal pictures…very cite…I don’t do animals often either…I am not that imaginative I don’t think…lol…i have 5 still at home…only 1 has moved out…just over the fence…hahaha….but not next door…happy ppf…x

  2. Valerie-Jael

    Those 2 animals are so totally cute, love that they have so much attitude. It’s hard when kids move out, a big adjustment, but it’s nice that she’s coming back to do the laundry! Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

  3. John R

    Love these animals. The sloth has to be my favourite. My daughter recently started ‘big school’ and even that took a lot of adjustment. But it’s great to see kids develop into the person they want to be and discover new things. Have a great PPF.

  4. Linda K

    your hand art is unique, and the animals are adorable!! Mixed feelings when the kids move out but thankful when they choose to live nearby and make the laundry or dinner visits:) Happy PPF!

  5. Rike

    Your drawings and paintings are excellent! Wonderful hand-animals and lovely peonies and perfect butterflies! Would fit very fine to my theme at AJJ 🙂
    Happy PPF!
    Rike x

  6. Faye

    Sal, your panda and sloth hands are so adorable! If you stop and think, hands are so very important in our every day life so it is appropriate that art honoring them be done. Enjoy this last one who has not left the nest yet. Time goes by so fast. You don’t realize it till you get old. Then it is too late to stretch out the enjoyment of having a young child. (Except by that time grandchildren are there and that is where the real relaxed fun comes in.)

  7. Marie-OR

    Adorable hand puppet art! I love Pandas and Sloths too. In fact my grandson is CRAZY about sloths! 🙂 Glad your ki8ds are not far and you can still see them a lot.

  8. froebelsternchen

    This animal hands are fantastic!
    You are the perfect mother I guess – they leave but they will always find a home when needed !♥♥♥
    I have just one daughter gets 17 … I am often look forward to have her out —but I think when it comes to this I will be sad for sure…
    I love your new graphics – you are such a unique talent!


  9. denthe

    How fun to paint art on the shapes of your own hands. And even more fun to trade them with other artists. These are looking so cute and I like the black and white border. Not sure yet how I’ll react when the kids leave home. The eldest will be 18 this year so that time won’t be too far away I guess …

  10. Rasz

    Oh I love sloths and pandas too! I got to hold a sloth when I was young and fell in love! They are so cute, and slow. I think an art hand trade is a great idea, How fun! All my kids are on their own. It is exciting when they get their first job, first place…Congrats to your daughter! Happy PPF!

  11. Beth

    What a wonderful artist you are! These are so colorful and charming. They fill my eyes, which is the greatest compliment I can give. Just fabulous!

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