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I’m not much of a writer as my regular visitors will know. It’s usually a struggle to put together enough words for a blog post so you can imagine my distress when it comes to writing stuff in an art journal. I’m not exactly big on pouring my inner thoughts on a page either and this is usually why my art journals are mostly filled with pictures rather than pretty words and quotes. I just like to draw and an art journal is more like a bigger, better sketchbook to me than a diary. The text above isn’t even part of the journal image above. I added it in Photoshop. Maybe I’ll call it an enhanced painting book from now on rather than a journal. Anyway, here’s to lonely socks! This post is dedicated to them.

More journal art! This time with a few words! The art comes from the wonderful Moonshine program with Effy Wild. Lots of pagan, witchy art stuff if that’s your thing. If not, it’s a super fun course anyway. Effy is such a great teacher of technique and a wonderful source of art supply knowledge.


Hope the weather is being kind to everyone! Spring is almost here! Sort of!



  1. froebelsternchen

    Your art need not so many words – it speaks for itself! This is always so unique – I can’t find words to express how much I adore your style! An hour ago I found a single sock in one of my fresh dryed contour sheets – maybe the ladie’s lost one ?
    The two spreads are just amazing – and I would be very happy to see the post linked to our

    Animals A – Z theme , hosted by my lovely art friend Rike over at

    Happy weekend!
    We have got hard winter again – but I am sure spring will come as well! Just to wait for it!

  2. Valerie-Jael

    Your art is wonderful, as always. I love your bold and confidant figures. If she needs a sock, I have a whole collection of single ones thanks to the greed of the washing machine. Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

  3. Neesie

    I don’t use a journal regularly Sal, so I can understand your reluctance to fill one with words. Sometimes the artwork speaks volumes though. Amazing artwork.
    I’ve just purchased Photoshop and feel like I’m learning to fly an A380 plane! It’s not coming easily to me… maybe it’s my age? (ha)
    Happy PPF to you ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. John R

    Love your art. Wonderful as always. I don’t write much in my sketchbooks, either, mostly because I can’t stand my handwriting. It’s usually a scribble.

  5. Linda K

    I agree with Susi , that your art speaks for itself and if words and writing isn’t your thing so be it. Found poetry like on your page with the girl under the tree can be fun though. I especially love your moonshine art. The wolf moon is awesome! Happy PPF!

  6. Faye

    Fabulous art work, Sal. I especially like the lady with the blue hair. I had to struggle to find words for my journal pages when the journaling class I was taking turned more toward being able to put words onto my pages than the colors for backgrounds. Anyway, you did a great job here.

  7. denthe

    I really love your journal pages, words or no words. Who is to say that art journals need to have words? There’s so many different art journals out there, a lot of them without words. As long as you enjoy filling them all’s good ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. victoria

    Hi Sal, I am not certain my comment made it through…so just in case I want you to know..I so enjoyed this magnificent post..your art is incredibly beautiful and powerful and striking! Your fox has enchanted my gorgeous a being, I am smitten! Your world is magical!
    have a sweet day

  9. Mandy Snow

    IVe tried journals too and Iโ€™m with you…some really great paintings…yeah…Effy is great…Iโ€™ve done a few things on willow ing with her in them…happy ppf (#35)…x

  10. Giggles

    I don’t think an art journal has to have words… your art speaks for itself !! I have a friend who could totally relate to that devotion page…wow.. Love the one sock.. I have lots to say just not on my art unless I’m taking part in a challenge, then I usually cut the words out like you have done on devotion and piece them together intuitively! Always a great visit here!!

    Peace Giggles

  11. Gloria Zucaro

    Hi Sal, your art is fabulous! I especially love the ability to enlarge photos with a click. I am not able to do that on my blog.
    I totally agree with all above that with your artwork, not journaling is needed. Your are journaling your art, not the spoken word. Gorgeous colors and wonderful drawings.

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