Classic Horror Artist Trading Cards + Magic Stuff!

Above is a fun bit of mixed media art though I’m not sure if it’s finished or not. I thought I might paint the background since it seems like so much white. Too much white. I’ll have to weigh the work involved with my laziness level this weekend. I’m not sure which one will win. I saw the quote somewhere online but I don’t know who wrote it and Google didn’t bring any author joy. I like it! Once in a while I feel magic, figuratively, LOL.

Classic Horror Monsters

I had so much fun working on this set of classic horror cards today. I’ve drawn and painted these characters so many times so it was a joy to find someone who had them on their trading list. Lucky me to get to draw and paint them again. These ATCs are watercolour with marker over top. I loved the show Penny Dreadful with the classic horror monsters, mostly especially John Clare (aka Frankenstein’s monster). He was such a brilliant character on that show, a poet in a monster’s skin. I was sad to see it go from my TV screen. My Frankenstein monster looks nothing like him but I’d hope he has the poet’s soul of John Clare.

Hope you all have a great weekend and week to come! Happy arting 🙂

19 thoughts on “Classic Horror Artist Trading Cards + Magic Stuff!

  1. Wonderful artwork as usual. I love those horror characters and I love that first piece, too. Own everything. Own your life, own your style, own what you do and own your dreams.

  2. Wonderful piece and quote, and I absolutely love your monsters! I don’t know that series, but it sounds like I would have enjoyed it, and your cards remind me of my absolute favourite tv series when I was a small child, The Munsters.

  3. these are fabulous Sal!! The shape of the body in the first one is proportioned spot on and so impressive. And I love your horror characters- the details are amazing! You’re so wonderfully creative. Happy PPF!

  4. I love this blue mood woman so much – I am curious if you add something to the white- her hair is over the moon genius! Your horror cards are so cool – you are such a great illustraor – I am always thrilled about your art Sal!
    Happy weekend!
    oxo Susi

  5. Your drawing skills are to be greatly admired! I am so in envy of your ability to do the foreshortening of the legs in the top one. Beautiful job, finished or not.

  6. I love that girl with her polka dot pants. I like her attitude and the quote fits her perfectly. Your horror characters are stunning. Always fun to come visit here 🙂

  7. Your really know how to draw!!! Looking at these pieces is a lot of fun and it’s always enjoyable when I stop by. I love your monsters. They look like your work but really speak to each character! happy weekend. Hugs-Erika

  8. Love those ATCs and your mixed media piece. I can relate to you about too much white. Either way, I think she looks great and has a great quote to go with her! Have a wonderful week!

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