Spring Flower Girl in Mixed Media

Happy spring? I wish! It’s snowing here today and spring is on Tuesday. Grrrrrr. But in honour of the upcoming spring, I painted a pretty flower girl. I am anticipating the warm weather, spring rains and my garden. I can’t wait to get back to it. The girl above is painted in watercolours with coloured pencils over top. I used plenty of collage flower elements as well except the flowers I used I actually painted too. They’re all from my various clipart sets. I used acrylics and markers for the big flowers over top. Lots of media in this one! It’s for sale too. Send me a note if you’re interested. It’s 9″ x 12″ on watercolour paper.

I won’t be bikini ready (OMG, that will never EVER happen again) but I’m doing another fast this week and am hungry in my mind, lol. I know I’m not actually hungry. I switched to a ketogenic diet just over a year ago for health reasons and had been intermittent fasting as well but I hit a plateau over Christmas and stayed at the same weight for about three months. I thought I’d shake things up this month and add in fasting days again and it has totally dislodged that plateau. WOO! I don’t ever get hungry eating keto so it’s super easy to fast but overcoming the mind tricks is another thing.  My mind wants a big spinach salad loaded with cheese but my tummy is like, “meh, I can wait.” I love keto. Seriously. Best thing I ever did for my health.

I have a lot of art on the go this weekend so hope to fill the blog with new stuff over the next few weeks. Hope you all have a happy weekend!






19 thoughts on “Spring Flower Girl in Mixed Media

  1. This is so warm and glowing.Love the technique. I recently did some similar orange flowers.
    Yes I do look forward to spring although here we only tend to have it for a few weeks and then we are sweltering like hippos (well maybe just me)
    Happy PPF

  2. Smashing!!! I love this! She has such a contemplative look with that head full of flowers…makes me smile. And your soft background is perfect. It is also interesting to hear all of the media used to create this. Happy I stopped by today. Happy PPF

  3. gorgeous! She is glowing in the Spring and her headdress bouquet is fab!! Sounds like you’re on a great track for being healthy-good for you. Happy PPF!

  4. Love the flowers you added on her head. They look so light and sweet. She is a sweet girl as well and do believe that spring is coming❣
    Happy PPF 💜and inspiring week ahead 🌸

  5. Not sure where you live, but Spring is on the way! The leaves are starting to come out here in the lower midwest, and it’s been warming up. Almost hit 80F yesterday, so it will be coming your way soon.

    We have the keto diet in common, except I’m vegetarian. Makes it a bit harder to keep carbs under 20. Some veggies are high carb, so I’ve had to adjust. Once I got fat adapted, I felt great, also. I have 3 autoimmune diseases, so that’s saying a lot. I’ll never be cured, but I feel sooo much better now. Lots of energy!

  6. Wow I love this piece of art. I like this watercolor with pencil over it. The flowers are stellar. I was on a plateau as well and started sipping organic apple cider vinegar tea and that did the trick. I am too old for a fast. I really don’t think I could do it. LOL

  7. Such a stunner! The color is amazing and all the work and layering and different media really paid off! I love those white flower outlines at the edges and the amazing vibrant colors.

  8. Oh, my! This is beautiful. I’ve longed for snow all winter long–none here, not even a flake. Though it did get cold just before Christmas. Here in the Willamette Valley the trees are bursting with pink, yellow and white blooms, the ground is bursting with daffodils, crocus and tulips…Spring has sprung.

    Though I still long for a few snow flakes still. Haha…

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