Zombie Marie Antoinette

I haven’t been very artistically productive this past week or two. I know the amount of images in this post say otherwise but it’s honestly been a hard slog to be creative. I think I am feeling the depressing effects of a too long winter. I feel a bit zapped of energy and creativity. I did head outside today though and went on a nice and long Pokemon walk (am I the last person still playing?). It was sunny but holy cold wind! Ouch! I am so ready to see something green growing in my garden. Hope the weather in your area is treating you well.

I like zombies and I like Marie Antoinette and lucky for me, others want to collect art like this so I get to make it! It’s always fun to create zombified beauties. The bloody beauty above is done in acrylic paint over top a book page. And below are some of the drawing practice sketches I did over the past couple of days. It’s been a while since I sat down and just sketched and it felt good to do a bit of mindless drawing without having to come up with concepts and ideas. I’m going to continue on tomorrow. Practice always makes me feel better.


Life Drawings in Pen


And finally, a set of portrait ATCs for a swap on IllustratedATCs.com. Some of the portraits are personal but I’m sure you might recognize one or two others. These are all marker or coloured pencils. I love to use them when I have time since they seem to take ages for me!


Portrait ATCs


Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! And sunny, warm days.

20 thoughts on “Zombie Marie Antoinette

  1. Your swap ATCs are great and I adore the ZOMBIE M.A. and wow the sketches are fantastic as well! Hope your mood will change soon – warmer weather will help for sure. I hope it arrives soon on your part of the planet, as well as here too !
    Happy weekend !
    oxo Susi

  2. I really like your blady Marie as her destiny was that. All your art is fascinating. From ATCs I love most the woman in black hat and dress.
    We here have had as well colder as normal. Hope you get spring soon there. Happy PPF 😃🐇

  3. More fabulous artwork. Your drawing skills are superb. Ah, the long winter is getting me down, too. They’ve forecast more snow for Easter. No Pokemons here, just Xbox geeks. Great fun though.

  4. Wow! Marie Antoinette is awesome! You have done an incredible job on the contour of her face. Amazing.
    Love the ATC’s as well as the sketches. Hard to figure that you haven’t been productive when we see all of this work. Spring is coming…just not soon enough. Happy PPF

  5. Some much needed sun and warm weather will hopefully turn things around for you but I must say your mindless sketches are awesome and are my favorites!

  6. Sorry you energy is zapped. I know how that can be. Glad you took the walk. Your art is just amazing. I love the Zombie, and the cards, but your practice sketches are just excellent. Wish I could send you some warm sun but I am looking for it too. LOL

  7. Marie Antoinette is looking a bit scary … 😉 I just LOVE your sketches! I know what you mean with winter taking too long. Last week I thought spring had finally started, and then on Tuesday woke up to a white winter landscape. Yuk! Enough is enough. Let the green start to grow! Happy PPF!

  8. What a talented artist you are! I’ve been reading a lot about Marie Antoinette lately. This is a fetching, if not disturbing (in a good way) drawing of her! I enjoyed your post very much.

  9. Your portraits are so cool and amazing and inspiring! And using so many different colors and styles and mediums, for goodness sake! And the life drawing wow – I really should find a new class. Believe me I understand the winter blues and frankly, news-blues. But more art is always the right answer. 🙂

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