A deadly butterfly, with hat.

A dead(ly) butterfly

This is my first project as part of the Strumpet Stencils design team! And it was a fun one. I’ve had the ribs stencil from Sarah for a while now and I wasn’t sure how I was going to use it. I know that sounds ridiculous  because ribs are ribs! But I didn’t want to do a regular skeleton / some sort of human zombie. And then it came to me – a pretty captured skeletor butterfly! I know, right? Exactly the sort of thing that pops into your mind when you see human ribs! I really do love pretty things and tons of colour as most of my regular blog visitors know but I also love things with a lot of weird, dark too. I think skeletor butterfly fits in there as good combo of both.

Here are a series of WIPs of the entire projects. I won’t rehash the tutorial here since it’s all available over at Strumpet Stencils for those who are interested in the full walk through. And if you want to purchase any of Sarah’s stencils, use this code (STRUMPETSAL) for a discount in her Etsy store.


Skeletor Butterfly, a work in progress


We still have tons of snow here – big piles of it. It’s really sad. I can’t even cry anymore. It is what it is. But I was happy to see that we’re breaking into the double digits this weekend and that brings me great joy! I’m hoping for some sun too, just a bit will make me happy. I know I’m getting greedy here but it’s been a very looooooooooooooong winter.

I’m off to the pub tonight. Happy weekend everyone!


Want to win some Strumpet Stencils?

Box me up!

I joined a design team! WOO! My friend, Sarah Trumpp, makes the most amazing and edgy stencils for art journalers and creatives.  I’ll have a couple of tutorial style blog posts on her website each month featuring her super cool stencils. Want to win some amazing Strumpet Stencils? YES you do!   TO ENTER, Leave a comment on the blog post in this link. If you share my post on Facebook, leave another comment (and friend me while you’re there!). Tweet it out? Leave another comment. Like the Strumpet Stencil’s facebook page? ONE MOAR COMMENT! And while we’re here, if you’d like a coupon for Strumpet Stencils (Sarah is super cool like that), use this coupon code (STRUMPETSAL) for 15% off at the Strumpet Stencils Etsy store.

These are so pretty!

Strumpet Stencils

The mixed media artwork at the top of the post is actually from 2012! I pull this one out every now and then when I have too much going on in my head. That’s what today feels like. Hopefully the weekend is calm and WARM! Happy weekend to all of my art friends!



Gimme a Rock Protest Art

Gimme a Rock

Gimme a rock was painted a couple of weeks back, the day of the student marches in the US. I love those kids, standing up to the government and they have my full support. The painting is an allegory obviously (David and Goliath). I’m definitely not advocating people start throwing rocks but I sure do appreciate these “powerless” youngsters standing up to the NRA and their government with a peaceful protest. I hope they keep at it. I’m not a fan of guns under any circumstances, even hunting. And I cannot fathom being scared to go to school because someone might shoot me. I have a very hard time trying to understand why anyone is allowed to purchase an AR-15 assault rifle.

On a happier note, below is a batch of Artist Trading Cards I’ve made over the past couple of weeks. Lots of different themes and a wee bit of Esthetic Blood. That is seriously one of the swap themes. Many of us love a romantic vampire!

And on an even happier note, I saw things sprouting in my garden today! I think some tulips are on the rise and this makes me ridiculously happy. Hope your weekend is happy. 🙂


Artist Trading Cards