Gimme a Rock Protest Art

Gimme a rock was painted a couple of weeks back, the day of the student marches in the US. I love those kids, standing up to the government and they have my full support. The painting is an allegory obviously (David and Goliath). I’m definitely not advocating people start throwing rocks but I sure do appreciate these “powerless” youngsters standing up to the NRA and their government with a peaceful protest. I hope they keep at it. I’m not a fan of guns under any circumstances, even hunting. And I cannot fathom being scared to go to school because someone might shoot me. I have a very hard time trying to understand why anyone is allowed to purchase an AR-15 assault rifle.

On a happier note, below is a batch of Artist Trading Cards I’ve made over the past couple of weeks. Lots of different themes and a wee bit of Esthetic Blood. That is seriously one of the swap themes. Many of us love a romantic vampire!

And on an even happier note, I saw things sprouting in my garden today! I think some tulips are on the rise and this makes me ridiculously happy. Hope your weekend is happy. 🙂


Artist Trading Cards



14 thoughts on “Gimme a Rock Protest Art

  1. Love the idea behind Give me a rock. Those kids make me hopeful for a better future. Your ATC’s are awesome, as always. Love the ink splatter 🙂

  2. aww rainbow unicorn kitty 😀

    what bugged me was when people would say those kids should shut up about gun control, they have no idea stupid kids. um really?!? those kids went through a horrible event that is becoming way too common and lost friends, i think they are more than qualified to talk about gun control and schools

  3. Fun to see all your pieces. I think it is wonderful that the top one holds so much meaning and significance.

    wishing you flowers….. me too, still so much snow here.

  4. OMGosh, I love the little mouse and the medicine chest with the Butterfly. Actually, I love them all, but hose 2 are my faves. So colorful. Our teachers are out on strike, I believe 10 years without a raise, warrants some kind of action. Blessings, Janet

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