A deadly butterfly, with hat.

This is my first project as part of the Strumpet Stencils design team! And it was a fun one. I’ve had the ribs stencil from Sarah for a while now and I wasn’t sure how I was going to use it. I know that sounds ridiculousย  because ribs are ribs! But I didn’t want to do a regular skeleton / some sort of human zombie. And then it came to me – a pretty captured skeletor butterfly! I know, right? Exactly the sort of thing that pops into your mind when you see human ribs! I really do love pretty things and tons of colour as most of my regular blog visitors know but I also love things with a lot of weird, dark too. I think skeletor butterfly fits in there as good combo of both.

Here are a series of WIPs of the entire projects. I won’t rehash the tutorial here since it’s all available over at Strumpet Stencils for those who are interested in the full walk through. And if you want to purchase any of Sarah’s stencils, use this code (STRUMPETSAL) for a discount in her Etsy store.


Skeletor Butterfly, a work in progress


We still have tons of snow here – big piles of it. It’s really sad. I can’t even cry anymore. It is what it is. But I was happy to see that we’re breaking into the double digits this weekend and that brings me great joy! I’m hoping for some sun too, just a bit will make me happy. I know I’m getting greedy here but it’s been a very looooooooooooooong winter.

I’m off to the pub tonight. Happy weekend everyone!


15 thoughts on “A deadly butterfly, with hat.

  1. Really splended idea for ribs๐Ÿ‘ the butterfly is very bold and beautiful now ๐Ÿ‘ all fits tobether so well. Thanks for tne tutorial.
    I wish yoy have a great time at the bub, enjoy โ™ฅ๐Ÿ˜€โ™ฅ

  2. You are right. This has been an incredibly long and cold and snowy winter. Here in VA we have had up and down weather lately. One day AC; the next heat. Not into dark or weird myself, but I do admire the beautiful butterfly part of the art. The colors are so vibrant they seem to glow.

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