Gelli Plating Madness

Gelli Journal Pages

I spent last Saturday afternoon making gelli plate journal pages with a friend. Wine was involved which made things even more fun. But it was quite the workout! I work in my loft which is the third floor of the house so the air conditioning never makes it up here. It was over 30 degrees and we had the fan out but it was a sweaty business with all of the rolling and pushing and painting. Who knew that art was exercise too!? These pages were made for a round robin journal I’m participating in with some art friends. I’ll show it off once it returns home to me.

Blue faces with found poetry

Above are a set of found poetry ATCs on their way to a new home across the ocean. I love found poetry. My found poems are usually ridiculous and rude. It can be so silly and fun though these ones were a bit more serious. You never know a stranger’s sense of humor so best to keep it banal and light. These are watercolor and marker on some sort of weird paper I found in my drawer. It was almost like linen. Very strange to work on.

Happy weekend to everyone! I hope yours is warm and fun 🙂

Crystal Hearts & Cool Stencils

Crystal Heart Bleeding

I’ve been making stencil and background art lately and it’s been great fun! I even broke out the gelli plate last weekend! Quite the work out making gelli prints, lol. Anyway, above is a piece made using Strumpet Stencils’ Crystal Heart stencil. I think this stencil is one of my faves. I love a good crystal. Ok… I know it’s a little dark and weird but I like weird. If you’re interested, there is a full tutorial and walk-through over on the Strumpet Stencils blog. This one is for sale too. If you’re interested, send me a note!



What do you do with a Guy Fawkes stencil? You become an art rebel of course. My Rebel poster features the Strumpet Stencil Guy Fawkes stencil as well as some of the symbol stencils. And again, there’s a full tutorial and pictorial walk-through on the stencil blog. I always loved V for Vendetta so this stencil made me super happy. I’ll be using this one in more artwork for sure!