Gelli plated journal art

I’m happy! I’m working on a round robin journal with some of my art friends. I love doing these – collecting cool art from fellow artists around the world, all in one pretty canvas wrapped mini journal. I just sent mine off to the US and can’t wait to see it back again after it travels all over North America and the UK. Should be interesting. I did a spread in my own journal before sending it off using cool stencils from Strumpet Stencils again. And there’s a walk through for this one if you’re interested: Take no Shit walk-through.

It’s been a busy week for me. I’ve been working on tons of paintings and drawings to put up for sale. I don’t have any scanned to show yet but they’ll start popping up next week and will be added for sale here, with prints too!

Happy weekend and art making 🙂


14 thoughts on “Gelli plated journal art

  1. What an impressive, really cool journal page! The girl seems to have strong attitude in her expression and words. I also love the background which match so well.
    Happy PPF and inspiring week ahead xx

  2. Gorgeous! what a great idea to use a stencil on her hair. I love all the different steps, thank for showing! So looking forward to seeing all of your other paintings!

  3. She’s very cool. I love her quote too! Looking forward to seeing your artwork next week. Happy PPF and have a Wonderful Week!

  4. I really like the way you used the colors and patterns! So nice to hear you’ve got lots of new paintings and drawings. I am really trying to do more art these days too. 🙂

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