Can I get an eyeroll?

As you may have noticed, I’ve been busy changing things up on my website! Yay for more color! I’d love to focus more on my mixed media art and less on my watercolor graphic sets so an overhaul was much needed. I’ll still be creating and selling my sets on all of the main graphic designer sites but I’m going to focus mainly on my own art here on the blog. And add some videos too! I used to offer online workshops many years ago through Art Trader Magazine so I’m definitely going to be rusty but I’m looking forward to putting up some video tutorials and walk-throughs occasionally.

My husband, the zombie
Above is a new pen and ink mixed media piece. I am seriously loving the pen and ink these days! Especially mixing it all up with watercolors, washi tape, stencils and acrylics. These are the sort of things that get an art supply junkie really going! One day I will have to share photos of my washi tape collection. Or maybe not. It could be embarrassing.

In just one short month and a half, we will he heading off to a comic convention and I need a costume or two. At left is my husband and he makes a really good zombie so I was thinking of zombie family for the three of us (my daughter is joining us). But that’s sort of more Halloweeny I think. Ideally I’d like to make a father / daughter costume set. Last year my hubby was old Luke Skywalker and my daughter was Rey. This year they thought of being Odin and Loki. Any suggestions?


Happy weekend! I would normally be watching the World Cup but I wanted a Belgium and England final. Boo.


12 thoughts on “Can I get an eyeroll?

  1. I’d love to see you at work in a video! Can’t wait! Loving your new series of mixed media characters. The black and white against the bright colours: perfect! Me too I wanted Belgium to be in the finals, boohoo. But I’ll definitely look at the “comfort”-finals tomorrow between Belgium and England 🙂

  2. there are probably a few characters that would work for father and daughter for the con. I can only think of comic book characters tho lol thanos and daughters, barbara gordon and jim gordon, Logan and X-23, so many more out there. I guess it all depends on how much time you guys want to spend on the cosplay outfits

  3. Showing our art supplies is sometimes encouragement for others. Love that you dress up for comic con. My daughter and grands do that too. Love the pic of your hubby. Have fun and Blessings, Janet

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