A bit of sad art and a joker

I’ve been on a real mixed media path these past few weeks. There’s something about digging out all of the art supplies in the house, spreading them around the art table and then diving in. It’s a good feeling, even when you’re making sad art. This one is called Gremlins for those ugly or sad feelings we all get sometimes. I’ve had a blue few weeks for various reasons and sometimes it helps to paint it out. I don’t usually want to talk about things so this is my therapy. That and a good Mr. Rogers documentary. I went to see Won’t You be My Neighbor last week and it was brilliant. I grew up on Mr. Rogers and loved the man as a young kid. Of course I thought he was super hokey the older I got and I didn’t realize how incredibly cool he actually was until I was much older – an adult. The documentary was wonderful and I think everyone in the audience cried a little at the end. I know I did. Well worth seeing this super feel-good movie.

Below are a couple of artist trading cards made for a trading partner on Instagram. I seriously disliked Suicide Squad, the movie, but I always liked Harley Quinn. She’s so fun to draw! Not sure what she sees in the Joker though. These ones were made in marker and inks on Bristol board.


Harley Quinn & Joker


I filmed an art walk through today! WOO! My first video in years. I used to teach online art workshops a few moons ago but it’s been a long time. I’m so rusty and awkward. I’ll have the video edited to add to a new website section soon.


14 thoughts on “A bit of sad art and a joker

  1. Your Gremlins is absolutely stunning. I have stared it and I see it more and more impressive. It consists so much of sadness but beautifully way.
    I love it ❤
    Happy PPF !

  2. Beautiful! I love this. Mr Rogers helped me raise my three kids. I need to see the documentary. He was a special soul. Happy PPF

  3. The Gremlins portrait is VERY powerful, yet sad in the way her arms are tied down and her melting heart. It reminds me of Frida Kahlo’s self-portraits. Thanks for your visit and happy PPF!

  4. I have to agree so much, it’s at time much easier to draw out those blue emotions than speak them. Beautiful and expressive piece.. Thank you so much for sharing. Happy PPF.
    Creative wishes Tracey x

  5. I have hear that the Mr. Rogers movie is pretty good, havent really heard a bad thing about it yet

    Suicide Squad was such a bad movie, so miscast and bad re-writes and re-shoots. it could have been really good too

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