Love Joy mixed media and a bit of dark too

I finished this painting this morning and I think it might possibly be the happiest thing I’ve ever painted! I love a good rainbow and as much colour as possible and my mood has been more positive the past few days. It all makes for happy art and happy art is good.  Serendipitously, I found the word LOVE on her shirt in the patterned paper.  I love little things like that.

Below is a new page in one of my art journals. I guess this was a dark mood day? No, no guessing… I know it was. Donald Trump probably did something evil and stupid again while I was painting.  I’m surprised all of my art isn’t dark and black lately.  This one is watercolor and coloured pencil over a book page with lyrics by one of my faves, The Tear Garden.




Sorry for politics in the art blog but if you’re a Donald Trump fan, this might not be the blog for you 🙂


13 thoughts on “Love Joy mixed media and a bit of dark too

  1. All great minds travel the same path. My blog this week was about consciously choosing happy colors. You have done it here and I love it! A rainbow always makes us smile (inspite of whatever our little president is up to).

  2. Your happy girl is full of joy and such a good humor is in her eyes. Sure you’ve been happy too.
    I love your sad girl as well. She is beautiful and your painting is great.
    Wishing happy time to you xx

  3. She does look quite happy- and a bit mischievous too:) How fun to have found “love” in the pattern.

    Understood as far as how these politics can create a dark mood. So I try my best to avoid it on the news. Happy PPF!


  4. Oh your Love Joy just makes me so happy, Sal – and your colours are, as always, outstanding. I totally understand your darker side, too – Trump is enough to make anyone gloomy!!!

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