Book of Days 2019

I took a bit of time off this past year but I’m back in action for the new year! I’m a teacher in Effy Wild’s Book of Days program for 2019. I’m not sure yet which month I’ll be featured but I’m in there! I don’t know how many of you have ever had Effy as a teacher but she’s wonderful. She’s been in LifeBook since its inception I believe so I’m sure many of you know her programs. She’s a superb teacher and a great friend too. This is the first year she’s opened up Book of Days to guest teachers and it’s a wonderful group. I hope you’re able to join us. The program has only just started so you’ll have Effy’s portion as well as 12 guest teachers (including Tamara Laporte, Micki Wilde and Sarah Trumpp), and 12 emerging teachers. That’s a lot of art lessons!

Come take a look: Book of Days 2019