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Printable Coloring Books

Happy Monday! Is it happy for you? It was pretty cold out this morning, freezing. That doesn’t make me happy at all but coloring does! I used to sell handmade coloring books on Etsy but sewing them all together really took a lot of time and effort, much more effort than they were actually worth to be honest. Isn’t that often the way with handmade goods up for sale? I’d had enough with the sore fingers and converted all of the books to printable PDFs. And they’re now available in my store here on this website!  My personal favorite coloring book is the zombie heads but it’s the worst seller, LOL. I get it! It’s a bit gross with a small niche market made up of other zombie lovers. My biggest seller is the retro nudes by far. Figures!

In other art, I’ve been working along with some lessons from Effy Wild’s Book of Days 2019 program. Lots of fun and the two spreads below are from that program.


  1. Win Dinn

    Well aren’t you the smartest kid on the block with your printable colouring book! Well done.

    I LOVE the quote on your second spread (and I love them both) – wouldn’t it be wonderful if the world lived by that?!

    As always, thank you for sharing your marvellous work – it so brightens my day!

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