Hi, my name is Sal Scheibe and this is what my work surface looks like on any given day. Actually, it’s usually way messier, lol!  I work as a creative designer and illustrator. It’s a great job. I get to spend my days and nights painting pretty flowers and drawing geeky things like RPG characters, zombies and weird fairies. I ran ArtTrader Magazine from 2007 – 2014, contributing articles and tutorials and serving as Art Director as well as online art instructor. I started IllustratedATCs.com, a trading site for illustrators, in 2007 and created ATCsforall.com too with a group of art friends in 2008. I still hang out and trade when I can. I’m almost always up for an art trade.

Commissions & Custom Illustrations

I’d love to create art for you! I make anything from ACEOs (Artist Sketch Cards) to large paintings as well as custom graphic sets and illustrations for commercial projects. I enjoy making watercolor graphic sets and I also offer a full range of creative design and illustration services. I’m patient, I listen well and I have lots of creative ideas. Please contact me and we can chat about your project!


Where to buy my art:


Where to buy my graphic & watercolor sets:


I’ve joined the Strumpet Stencils Design Team! WOO! If you like your stencils a little bit on the weird and edgy side, check out some of Sarah Trump’s wonderful art stencils and her blog for lots of design team video and tutorials! You can use my coupon code (STRUMPETSAL) to get a 15% discount too on Etsy. Cool, right?

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