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Printable Coloring Books

Happy Monday! Is it happy for you? It was pretty cold out this morning, freezing. That doesn’t make me happy at all but coloring does! I used to sell handmade coloring books on Etsy but sewing them all together really took a lot of time and effort, much more effort than they were actually worth to be honest. Isn’t that often the way with handmade goods up for sale? I’d had enough with the sore fingers and converted all of the books to printable PDFs. And they’re now available in my store here on this website!  My personal favorite coloring book is the zombie heads but it’s the worst seller, LOL. I get it! It’s a bit gross with a small niche market made up of other zombie lovers. My biggest seller is the retro nudes by far. Figures!

In other art, I’ve been working along with some lessons from Effy Wild’s Book of Days 2019 program. Lots of fun and the two spreads below are from that program.

A pair of Picasso shoes + unicorn graphics

Picasso Shoes

I made myself some Picasso shoes last weekend! Michaels had a sale on white canvas shoes so I immediately scooped up a pair and then went back for more  a few days later. I had tons of fun painting these ones. I wanted to do something really colourful and I’m a huge fan of Picasso so it was a great combo to give a whirl. I used Golden Acrylics mixed with a fabric medium (about half and half). I also used Posca Paint Pens and some Microns. I was a bit worried about running if the shoes got wet so I sprayed with  Krylon fixative, let them dry and then did another coat with Scotch Guard. Seems good so far! I have a pop art / lowbrow style happening for my next pair. And my 12 year old daughter is working on her own cool pair. I’ll post more photos when both sets are completed.

I’ve been working hard at making new graphics and illustrations for all of my online store. This set of ridiculously whimsical unicorns is now available at The Hungry JPEG and Design Bundles too. It should show up on CreativeMarket this week too. Yes, there is definitely a rainbow farting unicorn! That’s a must. Rather than the watercolours, I’ve been using iPad with Procreate and Apple Pencil. I so love the combo for drawing.

Rainbow Unicorns

Sad Robots Video

Sad robots, cute monsters

Hello! I’m back to work on new art sets and workshop content that is keeping me busy in the background. I’ve been drawing and filming, often at the same time and it’s been a lot of fun. But what has been most fun lately is my new Apple Pencil. WOW! It’s seriously cool. I’ve had an iPad for years with a clumsy fat stylus that was rotten for drawing. My husband bought me the Apple Pencil recently and it was pretty life changing art-wise. No more clumsy stylus art for me! The Apple Pencil handles just like a real pencil, or paint brush, or marker…. whichever tool you click on. I was pretty blown away by how well it works for drawing on an iPad. Combine it with Procreate and you have a winning art tool. Pretty expensive though. Typical, LOL.

I made some pink blobby monsters with a sad robot. One amazing thing I love about Procreate is that it creates automatic videos of your art for you. I didn’t realize this until I had drawn a few pictures. It’s seriously fun to look back on your creative process and see how you get from A (being a horribly messy scribble) to B (a nice enough drawing). I did some post editing on Photoshop on this art. I’ve been more traditional rather than digital in recent years but this new combo has me all happy about digital art once again.

Book of Days 2019

I took a bit of time off this past year but I’m back in action for the new year! I’m a teacher in Effy Wild’s Book of Days program for 2019. I’m not sure yet which month I’ll be featured but I’m in there! I don’t know how many of you have ever had Effy as a teacher but she’s wonderful. She’s been in LifeBook since its inception I believe so I’m sure many of you know her programs. She’s a superb teacher and a great friend too. This is the first year she’s opened up Book of Days to guest teachers and it’s a wonderful group. I hope you’re able to join us. The program has only just started so you’ll have Effy’s portion as well as 12 guest teachers (including Tamara Laporte, Micki Wilde and Sarah Trumpp), and 12 emerging teachers. That’s a lot of art lessons!

Come take a look: Book of Days 2019



Away from home


This is a hard post to write. My dad passed away last weekend. My sister and I moved into his house (he was a widower) to take care of him earlier this fall when he became very sick. He was comfy at least and well loved and the time we all spent together was very precious. I’m relieved he is out of pain but feel soooo sad. It’s hard to lose a parent. I tear up thinking that our Friday night pub nights will be no more. We so enjoyed them and had many ridiculous arguments over politics, #metoo and feminism, Stephen Harper, LOL. My dad was a fiscal conservative (though mostly progressive socially) and I’m a ‘way over there’ leftie.  You can imagine our conversations. But we always enjoyed a good verbal spar and the debates never went south. I’ll have to start a new tradition with my own kids at a local pub here.

I’ve been away from home for many weeks. I didn’t have access to my art supplies while I was at my dad’s but I did manage to pack a small pencil case with some inking pens and my favourite Posca Paint pens. I kept an art journal of sorts. Nothing dark or depressing. I wanted a spark of happy and light while being in a sad and difficult situation. Many of the pages I created are an ode to my father. The one above features Diana, Roman goddess of the hunt with Monty Python quote. He loved Monty Python. Below is my fustilarian homage. My dad was quite the lover of Shakespeare so I thought a Shakespearean insult could be made into a fun page.  “Away you scullion! you rampallian! you fustilarian!” Love that word. I’ll need to add scullion and rampallian pages at some point.

Fustilarians Unite


Goodbye, Dad. You were awesome.

So it goes.


Octopus Hair! New online workshop!

Octopus Hair Art Nouveau

More mixed media madness from me. I love tossing everything on my table top into an art piece. It’s always so much fun to create layers over layers and see what you end up with. It’s always a surprise to see what comes through in the end. I wish the frame around the girl showed properly though. It’s a bright and shiny gold acrylic actually but that’s so hard to see on a scan. Does anyone have any suggestions for scanning shiny? I haven’t had much luck yet.

I painted Octopus Hair while re-watching the first season of True Detective, hence a bit of a dark mood showing through. What a brilliant show that was, truly. I love the banter between Rust and Marty, so perfect. I had started to watch season two when it first came out but it didn’t quite catch me at the time. I’m going to give it a new whirl over the coming weeks. I’m hoping season three will be as amazing as the first season. I can’t wait to watch it!

I mentioned a couple of weeks back that I’d be creating a new workshop in the fall and I do have some details to share finally. If you’re interested, just sign up for my newsletter and all of the info will come to you in the next few weeks. But for now, here’s a quick overview!


Online Art Workshop, Coming Fall of 2018

Joy & Sorrow: A Moody Mixed Media Exploration

An expressive and insightful journey exploring moody concepts in mixed media art. You will learn how to make your portraits come alive with feeling and emotion; to share the light and to explore the dark. We’ll cover simplifying techniques for facial expression to help you bring a more expressive quality into your art. We’ll explore the world of emotional concepts and how to take that spark of an idea and translate it into a finished piece.

  • Facial Expressions: Creating emotions in your portraits
  • Telling a story with your art: All about concepts and ideas, beyond the portrait
  • Setting a mood with paint and paper
  • Putting it all together: Mixed media mood exploration paintings


Love Joy mixed media and a bit of dark too

Love Joy Mixed Media

I finished this painting this morning and I think it might possibly be the happiest thing I’ve ever painted! I love a good rainbow and as much colour as possible and my mood has been more positive the past few days. It all makes for happy art and happy art is good.  Serendipitously, I found the word LOVE on her shirt in the patterned paper.  I love little things like that.

Below is a new page in one of my art journals. I guess this was a dark mood day? No, no guessing… I know it was. Donald Trump probably did something evil and stupid again while I was painting.  I’m surprised all of my art isn’t dark and black lately.  This one is watercolor and coloured pencil over a book page with lyrics by one of my faves, The Tear Garden.




Sorry for politics in the art blog but if you’re a Donald Trump fan, this might not be the blog for you 🙂


Funky Glasses Mixed Media

Funky Glasses

Hello friends! Are you still melting this summer? I am. I’m a sweaty art mess. I love the sun and the outdoors but I need my AC! Hope the weather in your area is treating you well. We’re almost there though…. I am so ready for my favourite time of the year – FALL! WOO! And with fall comes the best holiday of the year – Halloween. Right? I am really looking forward to Inktober and Drawlloween, the funnest art challenges of the year I think. I hope I can keep up. I’m going to give them both a whirl, even if I only manage a few days.

Mermaid!Mermaid!Above is one of my new originals from this summer in pen and ink (see? already preparing for Inktober, lol) –  funky glasses girl. I know, I have to work on my titles! I love a cool girl in funky glasses. This one has sold already but I’ll probably get some prints made soon. And at right and left are a couple of mermaids in watercolor and ink for a trade. So fun to draw with all of the curves and flowing hair.

In other news, I’m working on a new art workshop. It’s been many years since I’ve taught online but I’m working on a small new program to introduce this coming fall. I don’t have any details yet but will send out information to interested parties in the Fall newsletter, coming in September.

Have a wonderful weekend. xo

Blood Mask, Mixed Media

Blood Mask Mixed Media

Another mixed media piece from me. This one with just about everything thrown in for good measure – watercolors, acrylics, colored pencil, pens, papers, paint pens. It’s all in there. Happily enough, it sold very quickly too, and to a wonderful friend. I hope she enjoys it.

Hope the weather is treating you well – wherever you are. 🙂


Joy & Love Mantra: Strumpet Stencils Walk-Through

Strumpet Stencils Design Team

Strumpet Stencils Used:


The Strumpet Stencil design team is doing a fun project this summer – round robin journals! Woo! I received Nolwenn’s lovely journal a couple of weeks ago and decided to use it for this month’s walk-through. Nolwenn had already stenciled some awesome backgrounds onto her journal pages and I wanted to keep the shape theme. She used the mini moley triangle stencil as you can see in the first image below and I plonked my pencil drawing over top.

I used watercolors for the next step because I wanted Nolwenn’s background art to show through the skin and hair tones so it was just a light wash here. To give the face depth, I used Copic markers over top for the shadows and highlights. Any regular markers will be fine because they’re not super opaque for the most part over top of acrylics.

Strumpet Stencils JOY art walk-through


To create the background, I used a watered down acrylic wash in pink and yellow so Nolwenn’s background could still peek out from behind. Once I added the crop circle stencil, I used another light pink wash over top to blend it in with the background. Washi tape on top! I love that stuff. And a few more mini moley stencils with the crosses or plus signs – however you see it.

I used Posca Paint Pens for the lettering. I seriously LOVE these pens. They’re pretty brilliant and will paint over top of most surfaces. They’re fabulous for painting over acrylics. I also used the Posca Paint Pens for the facial outlines and the little circles I added to the background. I sprayed with a fixative and then used regular ink pens for facial features.

Strumpet Stencils JOY art walk-through

Nowenn’s journal theme was Mantras and I don’t really have one. But I do like these words a lot.

Strumpet Stencils store on Etsy! Use STRUMPETSAL coupon code for a discount. For more tutorials and stencil vids, please check out the Strumpet Stencils blog.