Cute robots and their wee monster friends

Cute robot and wee monsters


Hello! I'm back to work on new art sets and workshop content that is keeping me busy in the background. I've been drawing and filming, often at the same time and it's been a lot of fun. But what has been most fun lately is my new Apple Pencil. WOW! It's seriously cool. I've had an iPad for years with a clumsy fat stylus that was rotten for drawing. My husband bought me the Apple Pencil recently and it was pretty life changing art-wise. No more clumsy stylus art for me! The Apple Pencil handles just like a real pencil, or paint brush, or marker.... whichever tool you click on. I was pretty blown away by how well it works for drawing on an iPad. Combine it with Procreate and you have a winning art tool. Pretty expensive though. Typical, LOL.

I made some pink blobby monsters with a sad robot. One amazing thing I love about Procreate is that it creates automatic videos of your art for you. I didn't realize this until I had drawn a few pictures. It's seriously fun to look back on your creative process and see how you get from A (being a horribly messy scribble) to B (a nice enough drawing). I did some post editing on Photoshop on this art. I've been more traditional rather than digital in recent years but this new combo has me all happy about digital art once again.

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