Freebie: Printable watercolor gift tags

Free printable gift tags


On my blog post yesterday, I showed you how to create your own watercolor gift tags from scratch. But not everyone has watercolors or fancy white pens hanging around... or, more importantly, the time to create all of these DIY goodies. So I created a printable free gift tag set for those who still want to participate, just not as much!


  • You will need to grab the Printable Pink Gift Tags file from my store and print them out. A nice white cardstock will work best but plain white paper will be fine too.
  • For best results, glue (using a glue stick works well) a sheet of scrapbooking paper to the back of the printed gift tags. This will make your tags a little more sturdy and - bonus - they look even better.
  • Once the glue has dried, cut out your tags and poke a hole with a hole puncher and add a bit of pretty ribbon or string. Voila! 





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