Hand painted Picasso shoes

Hand painted Picasso shoes


I made myself some Picasso shoes last weekend! Michaels had a sale on white canvas shoes so I immediately scooped up a pair and then went back for more  a few days later. I had tons of fun painting these ones. I wanted to do something really colorful and I'm a huge fan of Picasso so it was a great combo to give a whirl. I used Golden Acrylics mixed with a fabric medium (about half and half). I also used Posca Paint Pens and some Microns. I was a bit worried about running if the shoes got wet so I sprayed with  Krylon fixative, let them dry and then did another coat with Scotch Guard. Seems good so far! I have a pop art / lowbrow style happening for my next pair. And my 12 year old daughter is working on her own cool pair. I'll post more photos when both sets are completed.

I've been working hard at making new graphics and illustrations for all of my online stores. This set of ridiculously whimsical unicorns is now available in my store.  Yes, there is definitely a rainbow farting unicorn! That's a must. Rather than the watercolors, I've been using iPad with Procreate and Apple Pencil. I so love the combo for drawing.

Whimsical Rainbow unicorn graphics set


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