NEW - Small Pretty Flower Sets

I so love pretty flowers! They are easily one of my favorite things to draw (and grow) and you will find a lot of them in my store and in my designs. In the past, I usually made big bundles - and I'm still going to do that. But I'm also going to separate them and recolor them into smaller sets that are very affordable. I'm also open to theme suggestions so always reach out to me if you don't see something that you need. I will add that flower to my list and make it!

Pretty Flower Clipart Sets at SLS Lines


Right now, I have some fun Hippie Flower sets as well as pastel peonies and bright daisies! You can find them all in the Clipart section of the store. 

This one is my favorite. Pretty Pastel Peonies.

Pretty Pastel Peonies Clipart SLS Lines