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  • Is it too early for Christmas?

    I know, I know.... June is a ridiculous time to start posting about Christmas graphics but it's not me, I swear! I'd be putting this stuff off until at least September normally. But I noticed that I'm getting likes on an older set of Christmas Hats I made a few years back. This means my fellow creative designers are already on the go with their Christmas making graphics. I'm blaming them! LOL. I'm on board. Christmas graphics it is, regardless of the weather outside!

    I do already have a set of Christmas hats I made a few years back but I wanted to do a brand new set with updated graphics and add in a few extras too. This new Santa Hat Set includes 16 different hats as well as featuring those same hats with lots of cool and fun labels like "toy maker" and "elf boss" - just for fun! You can also use your graphics editing software to add your own names and titles to the hats for extra personalization.