SLS Lines Blog News & Graphic Updates

  • Weekly Art 2: Old Masters & New Daisies

    I've been sorting out all of my graphics and art over the past week since I bought a new computer and REALLY need to sort stuff out. I don't think I've sorted my file system in well over 5 years. You can imagine the mess, right? 

    Above are some older graphics made new again! I pulled out some old cat illustrations to add to my portfolio but took a bit of time to give them an update. I have a thing for cats. They've always been my favorite pet to hang out with. I work with one super crabby cat and one ridiculously friendly cat lounging around nearby. 

  • Master Studies in my own style!

    I've always loved to do master studies of much loved paintings. It's always been a great learning exercise for me, plus a lot of painting fun. A few years back, I started a series of master studies in my own style. Actually, style is probably the wrong word since the style of these paintings is still basically the same but I added my own take with a bit of theme flair!