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  • Pricing Digital Graphic & Illustration Sets for Online Sales: Part Two

    In my last blog post, Selling digital graphics: My pricing guide, Part One, I wrote at length about pricing digital graphic assets for sale online and how we're not doing ourselves any favors by under pricing. 

    I’ve looked and no one really shares this sort of info so I’m putting it out there. Hopefully some of you will find it helpful to see how others work. And if you’ve been at it for a while and are quite successful, I hope you’ll share a little with the rest of us too.

    I worked out how much I need to earn from my sets to break even and then make a profit. Please note that I’m really generalizing here! Some sets take more time, others take less.


  • Selling digital graphics: My pricing guide, Part One

    This article is for people like me who sell digital graphic assets like watercolor clipart, fonts, icons, etc. to other creative designers. 

    I want to add a caveat here – I am by no means a top seller! Nowhere near that. I started selling digital graphics about 2015/2016 and did well for about a year. Then I completely changed my art focus and stopped making any sets at all for a couple of years (aside from the odd one or two here and there). I’ve only just come back to making graphic sets this year, in the last month or two really. I’m simply sharing what I’ve learned… so far! I’m sure this article will grow and change as I learn more. I will definitely update one year from now (May 2020) and let you know how things have turned out one full year in.