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  • Tutorial: 10 Minute Intuitive Watercolor Portraits

    I love a good piece of 10 minute art! These intuitive watercolor portraits are quick and easy to make. All of you need is watercolor paper, watercolor paints, a pencil and some inking and/or gel pens. Markers can also come in handy or colored pencils.
  • Freebie: Printable watercolor gift tags

    On my blog post yesterday, I showed you how to create your own watercolor gift tags from scratch. But not everyone has watercolors or fancy white pens hanging around... or, more importantly, the time to create all of these DIY goodies. So I created a printable free gift tag set for those who still want to participate, just not as much!
  • Tutorial: Make your own watercolor gift tags

    Watercolor tags and cards look so pretty! And they're super easy to make. For creating the tags themselves, I simply used my paper slicer to create the rectangle shapes. As you can see by my photo (at the top), I made my tags in different lengths and widths for a bit of variety.